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Post by Joaby @ 04:31pm 23/01/17 | 2 Comments
There's killing time, and then there's killing time. In my review for Sniper Elite 3 I extolled the virtues of pissing away minutes setting up the perfect testicle shot, and how for all its faults Sniper Elite 3 was a brilliant game because of it. I also wondered whether the formula was getting stale, and whether I'd still be happy to shoot testicles in slow-motion when the next game came around.

We got our hands on the next game, and spoiler alert I still enjoy shooting Nazis in the dick. Read more in our hands-on preview!

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Posted 05:28pm 23/1/17
I will probably buy it but I would like it but I am not keen in having it set in Italy. The asia-pacific theatre would have been more interesting. I hope that the next one game is set in Vietnam or at least in the pacific theatre. Nevertheless, Shooting axis forces in the balls, face, butt, heat, liver will be alright.
Posted 07:01pm 25/1/17
It feels, to me anyway, like they're so stuck on the idea of Karl Fairburne's story that they don't want to drag him away from the European theatre. But none of the s*** that goes on in Sniper Elite makes any sense anyway, and I'm not even remotely attached to Fairburne as a character, so why not send it somewhere else?
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