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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:06pm 18/01/17 | 4 Comments
In a recent Reddit AMA with Valve head honcho Gabe Newell, among the sea of Half-Life 3 questions, the somewhat more sensible "Is Valve still working on any fully-fledged single player games?" was asked. Cue the audible from the International Space Station sound of readers adjusting their posture to the more ergonomically friendly upright position as they awaited the response.

And the answer from Gabe was simple one word, "Yes." Now, make of that what you will. It's neither here nor there, and could very well be in reference to Valve's unique setup where developers are free to experiment and work on projects that may never see the light of day. But, Gabe also re-iterated Valve's hope that the Source engine would be adopted en-masse for game development. And that internally Source was the foundation of a few unannounced products.

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Posted 08:39pm 18/1/17
I found this comment hopeful as well...

"Aside from moving Dota 2 to the Source 2 engine recently, we are are using it as the foundation of some unannounced products."
Posted 10:41pm 18/1/17
Isn't Source 2 kind of old now? Are they perhaps working on a Source 3 that'll be next gen? Maybe they'll release HL3 on Source 3.
Posted 01:01pm 19/1/17
What's really interesting is the AMA wasn't on AMA subreddit but in The_Gaben subreddit.

AMA subreddit is more advertisement than anything.
Posted 07:47pm 19/1/17
the joke is getting old gaben... our generation will be dead when they release episode 3 and the new f*** will be like whats a half life?
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