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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:40pm 06/01/17 | 9 Comments
Which brings the month-long The Darkening of Tristram event to the game, represented by a mysterious portal that transports players to a re-imagining of the original Diablo from 1996 -- presented in Glorious RetroVision. We had a chance to make our way through all 15 levels of the retro dungeon last night and it's definitely worth your time. Doubly so (or, triply) if you're a fan of Diablo III. And thanks to the original music and sound effects from the '90s original, it's a fun trip down memory lane.

You can take a look at the retro look and feel of the update in the video below (at around the halfway point).

It's worth noting that this isn't a remake of the original Diablo, but instead a version of sorts of the dungeon layout and setup of that game filtered through the fast-paced action and skill system of Diablo III. That being said, the old school character movement, animation, and lighting is utterly charming and overall the multi-level dungeon is chock full of fun Easter Eggs and call backs to the original game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:33pm 07/1/17
Sadly getting owned by Path Of Exile who continually release new content without any fanfare despite having a fraction of Blizzard's resources.
Posted 08:29pm 07/1/17
Maybe they should have more fanfare then so people will know and want to play their game. Seems they have a fraction of the markettng skills Blizzard do too
Posted 09:16pm 07/1/17
Meh, outdoing a 20 year old franchise with existing fanbase and million dollar marketing budget by focusing on making their game good, Maybe i'm just sad to see d3 stagnating after playing 1000+ hrs.
Posted 02:14am 08/1/17
I've never heard of Path of Exile and a quick google shows it to have tiny numbers in comparison to Diablo 3, so not sure they are really outdoing them. I appreciate if you like the game though.
Posted 10:50pm 08/1/17
Clocked the Tristram event tonight on Master, took probs 1-2 hours. Pretty fun but not much past that. It makes you appreciate the D3 graphics after playing the event, that's for sure.
Posted 01:33pm 09/1/17
I have never played Diablo before. You guys mentioned Path of Exile so I checked it out, it's alright. I was a warrior or something and I have been killing crabs and undead on the beach. Ill keep playing it and see how it goes.
Posted 08:42pm 09/1/17
Forget the Secret Cow Level. There should be a level filled with nothing but Hell Rodents that you kill. Because if there's one thing that Diablo is known for it's killing mice. click click click click
Posted 08:57pm 15/1/17
The depth in Path of Exile dwarfs diablo 3. Diablo 3 is basically the casual gamer's arpg, PoE is the real deal. All the scrubs get caught up in the blizz hype, keeps them away from path of exile though so i guess so its a good thing!
Posted 01:57am 16/1/17
Cos thats what you want when you make a game, to keep people away. Sound business model right there.
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