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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:08pm 23/12/16 | 15 Comments
It's that time of the year, sale time! And just about every digital platform is currently having a sale -- Origin, Xbox Live, and of course Steam! The original destroyer of wallets. And as this year's sale kicks off there are quite a few gems ready to be added to your ever growing Steam Library. And its not just old stuff that's worth mentioning as 2016's DOOM is currently 67% off, at $26.38 USD.

Plus, many more! Here's a few more highlights that we noticed.

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Posted 04:23pm 23/12/16
i just grabbed doom off GMG for $17.

edit: and it comes with a free game.

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Posted 11:55pm 23/12/16
That is $17 USD. Not quite $17 AUD, but decent nonetheless, especially with the 10 year old Bethesda game it comes with.
Posted 03:44am 24/12/16
Whole of Steam seems to be offline currently!
Posted 09:22am 24/12/16
Bought Cities: Skylines and Civ 6. Oh crap what have I done :/
Posted 09:50am 24/12/16
Bought Cities: Skylines and Civ 6. Oh crap what have I done :/

Decided to skip Christmas.

Just one more turn.....

Posted 10:11am 24/12/16

That is $17 USD. Not quite $17 AUD, but decent nonetheless, especially with the 10 year old Bethesda game it comes with.

cheaper than steams price which is what i was getting at.
Posted 12:11pm 24/12/16
Still haven't played many of last year's buys.. Have next week organised around finally finishing Witcher 3.
Posted 03:50pm 24/12/16
trog, i had the same problem, while all other internet traffic worked. tried a restart, no luck. only fix was when i closed all the steam process' in task manager and started it up again, strange.
Posted 10:18pm 24/12/16
I picked up Aliens Vs Predator (2010). I recently watched Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predator 2, again this past 2 weeks. I am in a Alien/Predator thing at the moment. I also got Aliens Colonial Marines a couple of weeks ago too, See if they fixed it or they still have Xenomorphs derping around.
Posted 04:54am 25/12/16
Nice, I really need to finish Alien Isolation but that s*** is messed up..
Posted 09:32am 25/12/16
You didn't watch Aliens 3 or Prometheus?
Posted 10:16am 25/12/16
Alien isolation is amazing. Played it on hardest with the lights off. Bricks shat
Posted 05:22pm 31/12/16
Thinking of picking up Pillars of Eternity. Does anyone know when the sale ends?
Posted 06:38pm 31/12/16
A Steam sale is always a marvelous thing. This time I bought Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Tengami and Stardew Valley.

My video card died recently and I'm using my motherboard's on-board video for now, so I was looking for 2D games I can run on that. That said I'll probably log about five hours in all three of them combined. I love collecting games, as opposed to actually playing them.
Posted 09:00pm 31/12/16
I got the new Deus Ex, the Darksiders pack and Valley. Don't really intend to play Deus Ex yet, but for that price I figured may as well grab it now.

Subnautica looks cool, I was tempted to get that, but I'd have to break my rule about not buying titles that are in Early Access so I've been holding off. Been burned too many times by that early access s***.
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