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Out in February, Ubisoft's For Honor looks set to provide visceral melee combat with a sizable portion of medieval fantasy as it's all set to combine the fighting styles of Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. And with both a single-player and multiplayer component that means we're getting close to beta time. For Honor will be conducting a Closed Beta in January, so be sure to head here to register.

In the mean time you can marvel at all the different types of armour in this new story trailer. Which seems to point to a narrative set around putting a rag tag group of fighters together from all the different disciplines in the game to take on whoever it is that needs taking on. A simple setup sure, but a great one.

In terms of multiplayer For Honor offers up 12 unique heroes across the three playable Factions. And today Ubisoft has revealed three new ones. And we can tell you right now that we'll be in the 'Shugoki 24/7' club.

Shugoki: Once the guardians of the Samurai, they have become as family. Massive and fierce, their weapon of choice is the kanabo, a huge stick that they only can wield efficiently. The Shugoki might not have the same agility as the other Samurai, but their rock-like resistance and demon-like strength make them an unavoidable force on the battlefield.

Warlord: Warlord is a name from an ancient Viking tradition, a name that is earned by only the true leaders in combat, those who are ready to spend their whole life servicing all who need it. Warlords’ shields are as versatile as they are strong and their sword, while simple in design, is sharp and deadly.

Peacekeeper: Selected from the desperate, the humbled or the devoted, they are sworn to secrecy by unbreakable oaths. Quick and lethal, they fight with a short sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. Peacekeepers are the deadliest duelists of all Assassins, capable of winning a fight before their enemy even knows they are here.

The For Honor details don't stop there, as Ubisoft has also announced that the game's Competitive Seasons will be tied to a cross-platform metagame called Faction War that will track the conflict between the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. With stuff like points and War Assets being accrued and then spent to conquer and defend territories.

It all sounds very cool, and if For Honor has the gameplay to back it all up then it could quite easily become the first sleeper hit of 2017.

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