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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:14pm 14/12/16 | 2 Comments
Fans of StarCraft will know the name Alexei Stukov pretty well, and will also know that at a certain point he got infected with some bad juju. Turning him into this weird Terran and Zerg hybrid. But hey, one that could still command one hell of an infected army. And now he's being added to the StarCraft II co-op line-up, in all his infected glory.

We're huge fans of StarCraft II's co-op mode as it adds a sizeable portion of super powers and crazy new units that you'd only really see in the story campaign into a multiplayer co-op setting. And Alexei Stukov looks to be the best version of this yet, and a great new addition to StarCraft II co-op.

Stukov combines the strengths of the Terran and Zerg races to command an overwhelming horde, supported by machines with mutated powers that defy the limits of normal technology. His hero abilities including deploying a Psi Emitter which sends all currently existing and newly constructed infested infantry units to a designated point. Infest Structure can target a friendly, or enemy structure, and causing it to spawn Broodlings over time; this is disabling for enemies, and heals friendly structures. Stukov is also able to spawn a Apocalisk with massive health, cleaving attacks, charge ability, and anti-air weaponry. Lastly, he can call down the Aleksander Infested Battlecruiser at any target location, launching infested civilian bombs and mind-controlling air units with its attack.

Players can Alexei Stukov, Co-op Commander, through the Battle.net store for $6.95 AUD

Now here's to adding Stukov as an announcer.

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Posted 06:09pm 14/12/16
Such a lovable accent!

He certainly sounds like he's the kind of guy that would shoot down a passenger aircraft with nearly 300 people on board and have the ability to veto any investigation into it.
Posted 04:24am 15/12/16
spot the hillary supporter
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