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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:36pm 13/12/16 | 19 Comments
Dropping tomorrow, to give those Season Pass snobs a head start, the latest Battlefield 1 patch is set to bring a number of changes to the game in addition to the new map. And, the very cool crossbow grenade launcher. One of the notable new additions is the introduction of a long overdue Spectator Mode. But, an overhauled one that will also allow the player to free-roam the map, apply various camera filters, and take a god's eye view of the battle. In addition to the usual watching your squad mates get ambushed.

Another notable change is the all-round shotgun nerf, that reduces the range and one-shot kill distance of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed Off Shotgun buckshot variants.

Also included in the update is a new Custom Game option -- Standard Issue Rifles. Which, like the name suggests should provide players with a more historically accurate version of World War 1 trench warfare. In that not everyone was armed with machine gun prototypes.

The patch notes are pretty extensive, and you can check them out here.

battlefield 1patch notesspectator modegiant's shadow

Latest Comments
Posted 03:15pm 13/12/16
they also need to nerf the assult SMGs - so annoying getting sniped from 50m away by assault players. but yes shotgun nerf is appreciated.
Posted 04:55pm 13/12/16
I don't even really think that SMGs should be in the game. but whatever. The shotguns did need changing but I hope they don't swing the nerf bat at the slug shotgun, I like to use it sometimes.

Also, I think I spotted someone.

Posted 05:15pm 13/12/16
Sniper 50m away by assault players? I think you are playing a different game mate.
Bf1 assault is so interesting simply because the weapons are s*** past 30m. 1 kill per magazine if you are lucky. It's a good balance that forces you to attack and rush in as an assault unit...instead of camp back and use a very accurate ak47 or m416 like other games.
Posted 05:36pm 13/12/16
assault players roam maps with impunity. zero f**** given.
Posted 09:21pm 13/12/16
Everyone must be downloading the update, 8:20pm and there is hardly anyone playing. There was a server with 47 players, it was the giant's shadow map but since I don't have premium, I can't get into it.
Posted 09:26pm 13/12/16
yeah i just got it. 1.96gb
Posted 11:49pm 13/12/16
Thank christ they have fixed the horrible GUI texture flickering for SLI users, the SLI is not perfect as it pretty much was pre November patch but at least its looking good, a driver revision from Nvidia should tweak it back up to my previous performance. I can enjoy the great visuals at decent speeds and it's not flickering anymore, especially in Ballroom Blitz which was horrendous in the 'C' objective Ballroom, truly epileptic inducing flickering in there. All good now, just need Nvidia to get a driver out asap.

Now to try out the new weapon balancing and the spectator mode, it will be good to follow some really good players and watch their style and tactics etc..
Posted 11:51pm 13/12/16
MIght have spoke too soon, EA accounts is not available at the moment and the Origin client won't connect, it defaulting to offline mode at this point in time.
Posted 12:05am 14/12/16
Yep EA/Origin is sucking the big one right now, Worldwide it would seem...maybe the demand for the patch blue a fuze? :)

EA server status
Posted 08:04am 14/12/16
Glad they retweeked mortars and buffed the landship. I was playing for a little early this morning and found that mortars weren't the issue some people cried they would be, mind you I didn't think they were that much of an issue to begin with. They certainly teach people not to bunch up to much. Im also glad they messed with the shotguns but I really don't see it making much of a difference since the bulk of shotgun kills seem to happen within feet of the person using it anyway. I wish theyd buff the LMG's a fraction since the damage at range is some what pathetic.

From what I have seen so far though this patch has been pretty damn good.
Posted 12:06pm 14/12/16
Fark when are we going to get operations mode added to the server browser ffs!!?? By far the most fun i've had playing BF1 but it's so damn hit and miss even getting a game it's just a waste of bloody time at the moment...
Posted 01:00pm 14/12/16
yeah it sucks when you spend all that time loading and the fkn server is empty.
Posted 05:39pm 14/12/16
Got my best multi kill ever last night, 7 kills on one hit. Lined up and directly hit a Heavy Assault tank which was stationary, with two guys standing outside it, one guy was repairing it I think and the other guy was running towards it to get in I assume. But I hit that baby clean with both heavy bombs and up she went, I couldn't believe the kill feed as I pulled up from the run. Probably never be lucky enough to pull off a hit like that again. T'was sweet.
Posted 09:20pm 14/12/16
There doesn't seem to be anyone online at all.....Da faq is going on?

Posted 01:09am 15/12/16
There doesn't seem to be anyone online at all.....Da faq is going on?

Yeah, it's a bit scary, because a LOT of people got very salty after the November patch that broke so much for so many people. DX crashes, SLI texture/GUI flickering issues, massive fps drops....there is a thread over on the Battlefield forums that is now over 430 pages long just on the DX function crashes alone. A lot of people have been spitting chips and stating that they are leaving the game, but you get that with every title I guess. Having said that I didn't play for two weeks because of the screen burn issue some people copped and well, the history of Dice/EA sort of d***ing round for a year to get a game right (aka BF4 etc) has left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. Also a lot of people have been getting on the forum and simply saying they are getting bored with the game.

Me?,I like the game. I hope they do WW2 next time and do Wake Island again..oh god how cool would that be?
Posted 02:07pm 15/12/16
Overall I like it, It's a battlefield game. I get to shoot things and be terrible at it. I would like more vehicles types but I think those will be coming out in the first DLC.

I would cream my pants for a WW2 or 2142 game, as you guys know. Dat Wake Island. Dat M1 Garand and Sturmgewehr 44.

Also, Does anyone else besides me, Only play conquest?
Posted 03:45am 18/12/16
Overall I like it, It's a battlefield game. I get to shoot things and be terrible at it. I would like more vehicles types but I think those will be coming out in the first DLC. I would cream my pants for a WW2 or 2142 game, as you guys know. Dat Wake Island. Dat M1 Garand and Sturmgewehr 44. Also, Does anyone else besides me, Only play conquest?

Well for now I play Conquest, but everytime I try to play operations I find either and empty server, or one full of gumbies that don't seem to want to PTFO. 2 hrs ago, I was shooting and screaming at this wanker 'YNDEB' to drop some health and he blatantly ignored me and other teammates. Sat at the back of the map in a landship and was just lobbing shells into areas, we were calling for this idiot to move up and press foirward but he just sat there in his landship firing artillery shots, doing nothing. When he eventually did move forward and get out of the tank it was obvious that all he was interested in was his K/D. Running right past downed teammates, ignoring me when Im jumping up and down in front of him screaming for a heal, even shooting him to get his attention, he just ran off to get more kills on his tally sheet....what a supreme wanker.

And yes, a P-51D in a remake of 1942 with the frostbite engine, would ceertainly moisten the loins. :)
Posted 07:11am 18/12/16
I'm conquest only & am loving the game thus far with the exception of the same gripes Psycho mentioned. I find myself squad hopping until I find a good leader or a team that works together, but once I find a good crew I can happily play for hours (or until my 2yr old intervenes) :D

lols to the losers whinging about the shotty's, it's like whinging about campers/snipers. It's part of the game, deal with it!

All in all, a pretty solid effort from EA/Dice (certainly better than the larger majority of their releases anyway).
Posted 03:43pm 20/12/16
i find myself screaming expletives for the first hour or so, but then finally find a squad that's not INDIVIDUALLY crouched in the corner rubbing poo through their hair and then i calm down a lot and enjoy the game more.
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