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The final day of the Major is upon us, as the last four teams will play for a share in the $3,000,000 USD prize pool. The teams left are Evil Geniuses, who rallied well yesterday to take down the menacing Virtus.pro — and they're fighting OG, whose new look team post The International are looking as good as ever. In the other semi-final, Digital Chaos, who have been cruising since the Group Stages ended, and Ad Finem, a Greek team with competing in their very first major. Let's see how it went down!

Evil Geniuses vs OG
In game one EG were Radiant and OG were Dire, and things got off to a very rocky start between these two veteran teams. The first five minutes were full of whiffed skillshots and huge misplays — a weird juke from the OG courier meant that the europeans lost both their courier and Gustav "S4" Magnusson's Clockwerk early, giving EG an advantage. Then before the third minute had passed EG dodged their way into a messy fight that got Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan killed, and it looked like it was just going to bea very sloppy game. OG stole another kill on Suma1L though, and it was looking like they'd started to find their form — at least in teamfights. EG switched gears and started focusing on towers, putting pressure on OG and forcing the Dire team to cluster together. A great kill at 17 minutes swung things heavily in OG's favour, as EG lost four heroes and their tier one tower thanks to a gorgeous Hookshot snipe from S4. A gank on Artour "Arteezy" Babaev forced EG to play ultra-defensively, which OG used as an opportunity to push in the lanes and press the Radiant team deep into their base. From there OG's siege was relentless, and EG weren't able to get any of the kills they desperately needed to get some breathing room. EG surrendered at just shy of 29 minutes in to reset and try again in game two.

Game two saw OG on Radiant and EG on Dire, and things got off to a much better start. OG snagged First Blood as Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka and S4 went super deep to destroy Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen, and EG got immediate payback as Arteezy punished them with a double kill. JerAx and S4 immediately sought revenge, while Anathan "Ana" Pham was ganked in the mid-lane, and it seemed like OG and EG were planning to brawl their way to the end of this game. And brawl they did, with barely any tower damage done as the two teams rotated regularly to gank one another. A Radiance — a passive damage dealing item — on Johan "N0tail" Sundstein's Alchemist at just 12 minutes into the game started to make OG's team fight a little too much to handle. JerAx pulled off a gorgeous blind stun at 22 minutes to find another gank on Arteezy lead to EG trying to steal the Roshan kill — OG sniffed it out and it signalled the swing against EG. OG played conservatively anyway, pushing into EG's base but backing off after getting two sets of Barracks — EG called the game two minutes later when they again found themselves on the wrong end of a four nothing team fight. Watch game two of the series below!
OG wins 2 - 0, and heads to the Grand Final!

Ad Finem vs Digital Chaos
In game one DC was Radiant and AF was Dire — Digital Chaos playing as the last North American team in the first North American Dota Major, and AF playing as the plucky underdog team, so everything was on the line. DC got off to a great start, snagging a kill on Kharis "SkyLark" Zafiriou underneath his tower. It was a message — AF loves the messy, brawler style of Dota, and DC was telling them they could play it too. Ad Finem read the message and then showed DC what messy, crazy, diving Dota was really all about. At the eight minute mark they dove a tower of their own to secure kills on both David "MoonMeander" Tan and Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen. Another brawl at the 11 minute mark went AF's way, and it started to seem like DC had made a mistake trying to play AF's game. Another huge gank at the 13 minute mark swung XP and Gold even further towards the Greeks, and they used the three kills to secure more map control. DC refused to give up, and they pushed out AF's top lane hard to get some space before going for a gank — but gank after gank, the only thing that was becoming clear was that DC didn't have the nuke's needed to wipe out AF, and the Dire team was repeatedly able to turn an attempted ambush into two or three dead DC heroes. You gotta give it to DC though, they never gave up, diving from their own base to snag kills to try to swing things back in their favour. In the end though — about 40 minutes in — AF's map pressure and gold and xp advantage was just too much to deal with.

In game two Ad Finem was Radiant and Digital Chaos was Dire. DC decided to play their own style of game for the second round, and things were quite tame for a time as DC dictated a slower paced match. Four minutes in Ad Finem finally found the gank they'd been looking for — and they were really looking — and they killed MiSery's Earthshaker. Not an especially juicy kill, but anything to satiate AF's lust for carnage. Three minutes later, and they managed to trap Martin "Saksa" Sazdov and Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok, and DC decided they would have to get their hands dirty. Unfortunately for DC, almost every gank they initiated resulted in one or more DC deaths — they just weren't able to trade favourably, and so the already slightly more farmed Ad Finem just kept getting stronger. Hope dawned on the horizon for the NA team when they smashed AF in a team fight around the Dire Tier One mid tower, but once again the Greeks were able to switch gears and swing the advantage back their own way, and it was eight minutes and seven kills before DC managed to get another kill. By then the middle lane had been pushed out and DC were fighting for their lives in their own base, and Ad Finem were able to apply just relentless pressure to the NA team to wipe them out and wrap up the series — Ad Finem were heading to the Grand Finals at their very first Major! Watch game one below.
Ad Finem win 2 - 0

OG vs Ad Finem
The Grand Final began with OG as Radiant and Ad Finem as Dire. With Naga Siren and Alchemist banned out, OG picked up Luna, and Ad Finem grabbed Shadow Demon to deny the possibility of that terrifying push combo which has been used beautifully all tournament. OG came out swinging early, taking down Skylark and, like DC before them, telling Ad Finem they were perfectly happy to brawl. Ad Finem responded, taking down Ana in the mid-lane to get themselves on the board and slow down the Aussie's ability to farm up his Outworld Devourer. Early on it looked like OG might have made a mistake — Ad Finem are just so good at the knock-down drag-out style of game, and the Greek team was picking off OG heroes all over the map. Where OG differ from DC is in that they never withdrew from the brawl, and despite some early losses they went straight back to looking for — and finding — vulnerable AF heroes. They were trading evenly with the Dire team for the most part, falling just a little behind, but more importantly they were buying time for their heroes to come online. Ana picked up a Hurricane Pike and a Blink Dagger by the 25 minute mark, and it might as well have been the beginning of the end for AF. Looking at the stats, Ad Finem's last kill in the entire 43 minute game would come at the 12 minute mark. The highlight of the entire match came at around the 29 minute mark when OG tried to kill Roshan, bailed out when the Immortal creep was at 25%, baited AF into trying to steal it and then swooped in to secure kills on both Omar "Madara" Dabachach and Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos. Dimitris "ThuG" Plivouris tried to sneakily steal the kill, but OG bombed him out as well — taking a very well earned Aegis on top of their three kills. The one glimmer of hope for AF was that they were defending their base very well, but it genuinely wasn't close to enough as S4's Legion Commander and Ana's Outworld Devourer began to murder any Ad Finem player found away from the Tier 3 towers. OG won, and they won in dominant fashion.

Game two saw Ad Finem on Radiant and OG on Dire, and a Batrider pick early from OG showed their hand early — they were down for another street fight. Ad Finem, not ones to back down, responded by grabbing Bounty Hunter — who only really becomes powerful with hero kills. Verros "Maybe Next Time" Apostolos's Bounty Hunter was the first to die, sacrificing himself to save Skylark's Nyx Assassin, but they responded immediately, with Johan "N0tail" Sundstein getting ganked by the still alive Skylark. The street fight took a nasty turn for the greek team at seven and a half minutes, when S4 — playing Slardar — managed to live through an extremely determined gank, and OG managed to team wipe AF off the back of it. From there, OG continuously found and killed Maybe Next Time, refusing to allow him to gain the experience and gold he needed to get online. It basically happened again at 18 and a half minutes, when S4 botched a gank on ThuG's Outworld Devourer and the entire AF team showed up to try to take him down — AF lost three heroes, and OG only lost their Dazzle. There would be no respite for AF as OG put on a clinic, again ganking any Radiant player caught outside the base and again shutting down the entire map. The final big fight came at around the 34 minute mark, and thanks to some razzle Dazzle from Tal "Fly" Aizik Ad Finem lost seven heroes and nobody at all on OG died. Game two went to OG.

Game three put Ad Finem on the Radiant side and OG on the Dire side as the green machine looked to close out the series with a 3 and out. This game was nuts. Easily the best of the entire series, the day, the tournament… Ad Finem, knowing they had to win to stay in the tournament, left nothing on the table. They picked up Luna and Legion Commander to allow a bit more map control, something they've been missing in the first two games. OG snagged Shadow Demon and Mirana, and both teams went to work early. OG secured first blood on Maybe Next Time just 25 seconds in as OG team ganked his Earthshaker early. AF got back on the board four minutes in on Ana's Dragon Knight, and it seemed like they weren't going to let it go without a fight. Both teams traded evenly, but the Legion Commander was getting a lot of duel kills — earning her a boost to her damage each time — and AF were pulling out in front as a result. A massive fight at 10 minutes showed off ThuG's spectacular ability, and earned a bit of respite. JerAx on Mirana was showing flash as well, picking off some spectacular Sacred Arrows. it seemed like OG would snowball to victory despite Ad Finem's best intentions, but Ad Finem never gave up. The Greek team successfully defended their mid-barracks at 28 minutes in what could have otherwise been the end of the game for them, and it stole all the momentum from OG. Ad Finem knew they'd be able to get Luna powered up sooner rather than later, they were still getting their Legion Commander into great positions for easy kills, and Giorgos "SsaSpartan" Giannakopoulos on Rubick was stealing the perfect spell every single time. AF focused on shutting down Fly's Shadow Demon and Ana's Dragon Knight. Both teams were brawling all over the map, and neither team was securing a major advantage. There was a huge swing when AF pushed hard down the top lane, took out OG's Barracks — OG didn't have teleports to return to defend, and AF got away with them for free. Ad Finem's base defence was perfect, thanks largely to ThuG's Puck repeatedly making clutch plays. Eventually Madara went all in to finish off OG, buying a Divine Rapier as a sort of Hail Mary — and it worked beautifully for a time. A massive fight at the Roshan Pit nearly immediately cost AF their expensive Rapier, but Maybe Next Time kept Madara alive and gave AF the time they needed to get away. At 66 minutes AF invaded OG's base while Ana was dead, and they took down the Barracks in both the bottom and middle lanes, spawning Mega Creeps. OG had to mount a defence against a full-powered AF team and Mega Creeps now, and somehow they did it — for another 13 minutes anyway. The final team fight saw AF go all in on an attack against the Dire Ancient with the benefit of an Aegis on Madara. Inexplicably OG killed four AF heroes, the Ancient dropped to 310 HP, and Maybe Next Time, the sole survivor on AF, snuck directly into the base and threw everything he had at the Ancient to secure a genuinely spectacular victory.

Game four saw a no doubt exhausted OG on Radiant and a surely similarly wiped Ad Finem take Dire. First blood went to JeRax just two minutes after Ad Finem came out swinging but botched an early gank. OG were a lot more aggressive with shutting down AF in this game, and they snagged multiple kills early — JeRax was again a dominant element in OG's game as he setup kill after kill. Ad Finem were forced to play more conservatively than normal as a result of JeRax's Earthshaker, but they were still able to find kills and it started to look like we might have another marathon on our hands when Skylark and Madara ganked JeRax and Ana — but OG came swooping in to re-establish their dominance. Skylark and Madara, on the Nyx Assassin and Lifestealer respectively, probably spent too much time roaming trying to find ganks — during that time OG was able to farm up Ana's Invoker and setup N0tail on Sven to become too powerful. A teamwipe at 26 minutes lead directly to OG taking down AF's mid-lane Barracks, and the opportunities for AF to mount plays like they did in game three were quickly disappearing. OG started to trade favourably in every encounter, securing two or three kills at least each time, and OG were able to establish significant vision control — which lead to the Radiant team being able to bait out multiple ganks on the Greek hopefuls. AF never gave up, but they admitted defeat 38 minutes in when OG were able to stomp their way into the Dire base and kill all the barracks. We'll embed the amazing game three below, it was an awesome game.
OG wins 3 - 1

OG wins it all, taking home $1,000,000 in prize money. Ad Finem, who did amazing work battling their way from the European Qualifiers and up into the Group Stages, will take $500,000 back home with them. EG and DC score $250,000 each, and the Boston Majors wrap up.

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