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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:37pm 06/12/16 | 7 Comments
After being shutdown earlier in the year, vanilla WoW PvP and PvE servers 'Nostalrius' will return December 17. The news comes after a recent stress-test that saw an impressive 10,000 concurrent players role-playing like it was the year 2004. After the recent shutdown a large vocal community displayed their support for Nostalrius, so much so that the team were invited over to Blizzard HQ where they spent considerable time talking to the veteran developer.

And with no word from Blizzard officially providing vanilla pre-expansion WoW servers, services like Nostalrius appeal to a very vocal fan-base.

In fact, after there was no new information about the matter at BlizzCon 2016, the Nostalrius team handed over their code and database to Elysium -- hence the new launch date.

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Posted 02:47pm 06/12/16
Its ridiculous, there hasn't been "no word" from Blizzard, they've said multiple times they're still talking about it and working out the best way to do it. They've been a little bit busy the past few months with this little Legion expansion of theirs, so I'm sure its not top of the priority list, but its still on there. They also said weeks before Blizzcon that they wouldn't have anything new to announce about it at Blizzcon.

Just seems to me the Nost guys were planning to do this anyway and they're just trying to spin it to make it look like they're the good guys and make it look like "Well, we tried, and they gave us no choice", but its pure bulls***. They're like spoilt little kids throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way, then trying to pretend its someone elses fault.
Posted 03:02pm 06/12/16
Tell us how you really feel Khel.
Posted 04:28pm 06/12/16
Am i missing something here, wont Blizzard just send them a cease and desist if the server becomes as popular as the original?
Posted 05:47pm 06/12/16
Am i missing something here, wont Blizzard just send them a cease and desist if the server becomes as popular as the original?

Answer: Russia
Posted 06:40pm 06/12/16
Tell us how you really feel Khel.

All these entitled kids need to get off my lawn
Posted 04:30am 07/12/16
I don't remember if I had any characters on Nost, I will find out soon enough I guess.
Posted 10:02am 11/12/16
It depends, they were in France (at least in the beginning, while I was following), they might move to Russia or such fancy place.
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