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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:40pm 05/12/16 | 2 Comments
As promised, we've put together our epic longform feature after lengthy and excellent interviews with both Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg, talking about the future of the industry, VR, "mixed-reality", Project Scorpio, HoloLens and both gentleman being happy to have Nintendo games on an Xbox platform.

The "mixed-reality" idea is one of the most interesting things to have emerged from the co-development of VR and Augmented Reality in the modern landscape.
"HoloLens, from a long-term business perspective, still remains… well ‘mixed-reality’ is still the end goal here,” Phil says revealingly. “A device that can go from fully opaque like we see in current VR to overlaying information in the real-world -- I fundamentally believe that’s where we’re going. I’ll also add ‘untethered’ is where we’re going. Like, the fact we’re all going to walk around… I mean, you’ve played all of these right? With cords hanging off the back of your head? It’s cool, I have a Vive, I have an Oculus, I’ll get a PlayStation VR, but the setup is for some specific tech enthusiasts -- it’s just not a normal thing to shield myself from the world with a cord hanging off the back of my head and play games. I think it has to evolve, and I love the evolution that is going to happen.

“So, I still see a mixed-reality device similar to HoloLens as the final destination,” he says. “And everything we’re doing in the interim are all great learning opportunities for the industry.”
The full article is an interesting read and is something we're pretty proud of, given the gravity of both men and the depth to which they both go to beyond just the Xbox brand.

Click here for the full interview feature.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:32pm 05/12/16
The question will be, how quickly we transition from visors and headgear, and move directly into Holodeck technology which is the real dream, innit?
Posted 10:58pm 05/12/16
Oh man, come on Holodeck. should only be a few years now....
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