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Day 2 of the Boston Major has wrapped up and some fantastic games were played! Head over to our "How to Watch" Post to find out details on how to watch it live — but for now just read on as we take you through the day that was.

Group C
North American juggernauts Evil Geniuses, now coached by 'old man' Fear, took on CompLexity Gaming in the first of the Group C showdowns. EG looked to take control early with a by-the-numbers victory in the first round. In the second, it looked like it would be business as usual again for EG until a teamwipe at the 40 minute mark put them on the back foot. The real problem was vision control, as CompLexity worked hard to shut down all vision for EG. With the information war on their side they were able to prepare for a dive from EG, and the whole game swung in their favour. In game three CoL were able to show off their composure again, and the final teamfight, where canceL's Outworld Devourer (OD) popped the Aegis — an item which allows his character to resurrect on the spot — at the 38 minute mark, and a concerted effort from Universe, Sumail and Arteezy couldn't take him down again, was gorgeous to watch. Watch Game 2, which went all the way down to the line, embedded below.

In the second game of Group C, LGD's main squad stomped all over Team Faceless, beating them 2-nothing in just over an hour of total play. LGD has come into Boston looking super hot, and their games against Faceless were clinical. Every trade saw LGD coming out in-front — any fight where they lost two, they'd make sure Faceless lost three or more. Faceless sprung up after iceiceice returned to Singapore following an unsuccessful run with EHOME at The International this year, and the veteran player is the clear standout on his new team. LGD focused on shutting him down and success followed.

LGD and CoL faced off in the winners bracket of the group stage, and it was not pretty. The first game seemed to set the tone for LGD — they were mildly disrespectful early on, sending their Nyx Assassin into CoL's jungle for some easy XP. CoL punished them for it, getting first blood in under 30 seconds, and from there on out LGD played less aggressively — but still surgically picked them apart. It was as if they were seeing what they could get away with from CompLexity. Meanwhile monkeys-forever, playing on Bounty Hunter, never stopped seeing what he could get away with — and LGD were able to get an early game advantage as a result. Game 2 stayed fairly even, with both teams trading kills and towers fairly evenly until a teamfight at 23 minutes — where CoL wasted an Aegis for no advantage — put LGD firmly in control of the game.

In the Losers bracket, EG and Faceless played. Evil Geniuses focused on iceiceice just as LGD did and the results were the same. When iceiceice is shutdown, FL have problems holding it together — although there were flashes of composure in the second game when FL managed to turn a bait-kill around to wipe out Cr1t's Io almost immediately on respawn. Still, EG were far too good for FL, and they beat the Singaporean team two nothing.

CompLexity and Evil Geniuses faced off once again for the decider match in Group C, and the two North American teams left it all on the stage as they battled one another for three more games. The first game between the pair was the longest of the day, as both teams gave up their advantages almost as quickly as they could get them. At 27 minutes in, a team wipe in CoL's favour seemed like it would give them all of the advantage, but Arteezy's Naga Siren Mirror Image technique just put too much pressure on the team. Actually, Arteezy won the game for Evil Geniuses, killing tier four towers while CompLexity chased after kills — it was spectacular. Game two was less spectacular. It actually played out in much the same way, but without the Naga Siren illusions or Song to save EG they just couldn't make up for their mistakes. Moo's Weaver was seemingly everywhere, and CoL never let an encounter pass up without killing at least one EG player. Zai's Jakiro was bullied all over the place as CoL found him wherever he went. Two huge teamwipes with nary an answer from EG forced this matchup into a deciding decider. CoL got two kills before the creep wave began, setting the tone for the matchup. The game actually looked even until around the 24 minute mark, when CompLexity started to streak away. EG just seemed exhausted, caught out too deep too many times as CoL went on a tear and wrapped up the game six minutes later after canceL and Moo got a cheeky four kills underneath EG's tier four towers.

Group D
The first game of Group D saw OG take on iG.V, the youth offshoot of Invictus Gaming, and it was a white knuckle series. The first game was a blowout as Ana's Timbersaw racked up 15 of the game's 28 total kills. A massive teamwipe at the 10 minute mark put the advantage firmly in OG's hands as jerAx and Ana ripped up iG.V on the top lane. In that first game, they looked unbeatable — all their skillshots were on point and they were everywhere they needed to be at all times. The second game was a completely different story — iG.V were in front from the get-go, and they never let OG back into the game. iG.Q's harassing Bounty Hunter caused problems from the get-go, but it was Paparazi on Timbersaw which proved the biggest pain for OG, as he put together nearly 1k damage a minute over the course of the game. Timbersaw was banned in the third game, but it didn't slow down Ana on Dragon Knight or N0tail on Luna. A four-wipe at 19 minutes put iG in a tough spot they never found a way out of, and OG took the series 2-1.

The second game pit Chinese team EHOME against the Greek upstarts Ad Finem, and it was another barn burner. The first game was a very close matchup, with EHOME's old chicken doing the majority of the heavy lifting and SkyLark's Clockwerk keeping AF in the game. At the end of the day though, it wound up being very traditional Dota as EHOME pushed out AF's lanes and used creeps to put pressure on AF's base — eventually the pressure became too much for them to bear. Game 2 was dramatically different — EHOME gave up first blood to AF 90 seconds in and the game was pretty much over from there. Ad Finem's ThuG played a terrifying Sniper, made scarier by SsaSpartan's Bloodlusting Ogre Magi. The biggest swing came at about the 23 minute mark, when EHOME glyphed (made their towers take no damage for 5 seconds) to protect a tier 2 tower. AF immediately rushed EHOME's base, and the defending team were forced to protect their barracks without the opportunity to get into a strong defensive position, leading to a major gold disadvantage they just couldn't dig their way out of. The third game in the EHOME/AF series was a flaying. AF had more deaths to neutral creeps than they did to EHOME, who were bodied by Madara's Luna and SsaSpartan's Shadow Demon. Over in under 16 minutes, EHOME were never given an opportunity to get into the game, and by the time it wrapped up AF had racked up more than 1K networth advantage for every minute that had passed. AF won 2-1.

In the Winner's Bracket, OG and AF faced off. One of the bigger swings came early, when Ana's Dragon Knight took down ThuG, Maybe Next Time and SsaSpartan underneath his own tower, reversing what would have otherwise been a huge gank by AF. AF weren't able to really get back into the game after that, and OG played good calm Dota to make sure they always traded positively out of every team fight. The second game was starkly different, as AF once again came out with a chip on their shoulders and opened up proceedings with an early first blood. Game 2 was a brawl, as AF put constant pressure on OG. It was an extremely entertaining game to watch, and you can see it embedded below. ThuG on Timbersaw nailed his skillshots, making it extremely hard for OG to get any breathing room as the rest of AF pushed out lanes and picked off OG's frazzled players. Game three started out slow, with both teams respecting one another. Fly's Warlock was the first to go down, and Ana's Alchemist dropped just a short time later, and it seemed like it could be another snotting from AF. At around the 14 minute mark OG used AF's hubris against them, baiting with Ana and then using Fly's Chaotic Offering to disrupt them, get a double kill and then setup N0tail for a third. The momentum swing was on, and AF never really recovered — a teamwipe at the 27 minute mark sealing their fate. OG won, 2-1.

The Loser's Bracket group game between iG.V and EHOME opened with some more of the same hard-hitting Invictus Gaming that was present in the second game of their OG series. EHOME's top lane was under pressure from the very beginning, and LaNm and Sylar were just not able to handle it. InJuly and hehe combo'd Batrider and Axe to disintegrate EHOME with ease. Game two was a very different story, as Batrider was banned out and EHOME was able to put the pressure on iG.V instead. Paparazi?, who had been pivotal for iG.V in the previous game, was focused on and wiped out repeatedly by EHOME as they looked to give Invictus a taste of their own medicine. Game three opened with fireworks, as iG.V picked off LaNm before the first creep wave was out, and then EHOME found Paparazi?'s Terrorblade, and Q was forced to sacrifice his Rubick to save him — and 16 seconds hadn't even passed yet. It was a surprisingly even game until the 12 minute mark however, when a misplay by InJuly's Batrider sent the momentum in EHOME's direction, and the experienced Chinese team never let iG.V come back up for air. EHOME won, 2 - 1.

The Group D Decider put Ad Finem against a EHOME again, with both teams having played an extra 90 minutes of game, and exhaustion setting in. AF's exciting style of play seemed to be a big drawback early in the first game. EHOME were more than happy to teamfight with them this time, and thanks to some clever plays by LaNm's Shadow Demon the Chinese team was able to come out on top in most of them. Around 15 minutes in, AF's constant brawler style of play put momentum on their side, as ThuG's Sniper again went to work, picking off EHOME as the rest of AF caused them problems. Game 2 was a marathon, not a sprint, and it seemed to mess up AF's flow. AF got out to a great start, with three kills early putting them in the driver's seat, but instead of chasing down the advantage EHOME played patiently. Something AF did well in the first game was goad EHOME into lengthy team fights, but the same mistakes weren't made again. It drew the game out quite a bit, which seemed to pay off better for the Chinese team. Instead of duking it out in another slobberknocker, which AF do well in, they played smart Dota, focused on towers and the barracks of Ad Finem to secure a victory after 58 minutes. In the third game, Ad Finem came out and played their own game to a tee. And EHOME seemed happy to indulge them, giving up oodles of gold and experience in early team fights as AF baited and executed with ease for the first portion of the game. And then at the 10 minute mark it was as if a switch flicked for the Chinese team, and they were no longer giving up easy kills to the Greeks. eLeVeN's Batrider combo'd with old chicken's Dragon Knight over and over to tear AF up. The beginning of the end for Ad Finem was around the 22 minute mark, when they were caught in the Roshan pit. EHOME trapped them in, allowed them to get the Aegis of the Immortals and then immediately forced its use to waste the attempt and snag four kills. EHOME would go on to win the deciding decider 2 - 1.

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