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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:43pm 05/12/16 | 6 Comments
System Shock fans rejoice! In our first real look at Arkane Studio's Prey we get to see the same level of freedom from the studio's excellent Dishonored series, but with that added sci-fi exploration and horror vibe that goes all the way back to the classic System Shock. We're talking skill trees, alien abilities, and some truly impressive mechanics. You'll definitely want to check this out.

There's definitely something alluring about exploring a desolate space station, and for that reason alone Prey should be on your radar. Add in a crafting system that sees you 'recycle' objects using some sort of mini-gravitational grenade and then picking up the raw material, and alien abilities that let you mimic objects like the T1000 -- and now we're talking. This in turn makes the combat look and feel completely free.

And terrifying too. 2017 can't come soon enough.


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Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:32pm 05/12/16
Holy s***. I've been keen on this, I've also continuously lamented the cancellation of the original Prey 2, but honestly, that looked incredible. The zero-G stuff excites me the most, but yeah survival-horror FPS in space. And with no more Dead Space, it's timing couldn't be better.
Posted 09:49pm 06/12/16
So System Shock meets Deus Ex?....I'm in!
Posted 12:38pm 07/12/16
Didn't realise it was the Dishonored devs making it, that looked damn cool
Posted 02:07pm 07/12/16
Didn't realise it was the Dishonored devs making it, that looked damn cool

there's 2 arkane studios. the one in lyon makes dishonored and the austin studio is making prey.
Posted 07:33pm 07/12/16
Didn't realise it was the Dishonored devs making it, that looked damn cool

Certainly did hey, that glue gun looked like it could help you with a ton of puzzles and being able to morph into inanimate objects is very cool. I wonder if the aliens can easily identify you in that state? Like if you turned into a cup on a desk and simply waited for them to pass to then ambush em?

The game has me interested for sure..
Posted 08:25pm 07/12/16
Wow, this looks absolutely brilliant. The overall design is stunning and it brings with it a lot of new gameplay ideas.
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