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We got the opportunity to chat with OG's Anathan 'ana' Pham recently, and we asked him five questions in the lead up to the East Coast showdown, which will kick off properly this weekend.

AusGamers - How did you get your start playing for OG?
ana - It started in an office in China, and OG was bootcamping for the Shanghai Major. One of my managers met Tal ['Fly' Azik] and that's how they contacted each other. And Tal approached us and asked if we wanted to join OG. I'm not sure why Tal asked us. But he approached us and we took it — I mean, obviously, right?

AG - Yeah, obviously. Have you always been into Dota or did you start somewhere else? What got you into gaming?
Ana - Playing Smash [Bros], Counter-Strike, yeah Nintendo games. I watched my brother player a bit of Dota 1 and I played a bit of it, but I got into Dota 2 a year after it came out. When I started high school I got really into it. I found it fun and i was pretty good at it, and I destroyed all my friends and yeah.

AG - What was it like when you first moved to China to play Dota?
Ana - I had culture shock sometimes. It was pretty weird. It's China, right, you walk the streets and you're wondering what that guy is doing, what that kid is doing. Everything is so different. The food is different, the world is different there. But I guess I'm just like, let them do what they gotta do, and I'll just play Dota.

AG - What made you chase Dota 2 as a career?
Ana - I just want to play Dota. I want that to be my work.I'm pretty lucky if you think about it. It feels like Saturday every day and it feels really great.

AG - How do you think you'll go at the Boston Major coming up?
Ana - I think we'll do well. We've been practicing hard and playing some matchups against [Gustav Magnusson] S4 and coach Sébastien ['7ckngMad' Debs]. Getting a lot of help, training hard.

OG's first game is against is against iG.Vitality, an offshoot of ana's old team Invictus Gaming, and it should be a cracking game to watch. Ana and iG didn't part on the best of terms prior to his signing with OG — it will be interesting to see if that fires him up at all.

Stay tuned on AusGamers for more coverage of the Boston Major across the weekend and throughout next week. And if you're wondering what to watch for, check out 5 Things To Watch For In The Dota 2 Boston Major

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