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The fact that Mass Effect 3's multiplayer component wasn't the game's most controversial speaks to the overall sense of disappointment that many had with how the story ended. In terms of how it played the multiplayer was a lot of fun, with the only real downside being that the game kind of forced you to keep playing it alongside the single-player campaign. With the next game in the series set for release next year, EA and BioWare are bringing back the multiplayer. But with some notable changes.

Perhaps the one thing that would concern most would be whether or not the multiplayer is tied to the single-player story. And although the answer is yes, Mass Effect Andromeda lead designer Ian Frazier notes that forcing players into multiplayer is the wrong way to go about it. "If you feel cheated, we’ve done something wrong." How it will work exactly is still a mystery but the setup will be something along the lines of the War Table in Dragon Age: Inquisition where you can send off teams to tackle missions. In Andromeda the choice will be to do the same, but with the added ability to jump in an do it yourself. Which in turn means a system where rewards earned in multiplayer will find their way into the single-player campaign.

In terms of how it'll work, the multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda is based on Mass Effect 3's but with more focus on player movement thanks to the introduction of a jet pack and more open environments.

For more information on Mass Effect Andromeda's multiplayer head on over to Game Informer.

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