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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:48pm 23/11/16 | 4 Comments
For a few months now Blizzard has been teasing an overhaul to Overwatch's Symmetra, the one hero that for many felt limited to a very specific defensive role. That being putting up a few turrets and building a teleporter to better help defend a capture point. In a new update video Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan outlines the changes coming to Symmetra in the PTR very soon -- and they're pretty substantial. With everything from a new ability to a second, yeah second!, ultimate.

Right, so Symmetra is getting a second Ultimate Ability that will sit alongside the Teleporter giving players the option to select which one they'll use. And much like the Teleporter the new Ultimate needs to be constructed. So what is it? Well, it's a Shield Generator, where regardless of line-of-sight it will provide a massive shield boost to all team members within a certain area. Which also means, like with a Teleporter, it can be hidden. Sounds very cool.

The other big change is that her small individual shield boost ability is being replaced with something called Photon Barrier, that will work in the same way as Reinhardt's shield or Winston's barrier. The key difference is that when Symmetra projects it, it will move, making it a sort of moving cover. Which in the case of team's that run tanks but not Reinhardt, could prove to be a valuable asset.

Other changes include some quality of life improvements like giving her a maximum number of turrets to build as soon as a round begins and a slight range increase to her primary attack. All in all these changes sound pretty great, and will probably mean that we'll start seeing a lot more Symmetra in the weeks ahead.


Latest Comments
Posted 08:46pm 23/11/16
I play her for trolls and do surprisingly well... shes almost there. I dunno if these changes are the right changes, but hey it's something.
Posted 07:10am 24/11/16
That barrier - fire it towards an ulting Pharah for massive luls (and suicides).
Posted 12:37pm 24/11/16
Letting her start the round with all her turrets off cooldown seems like something that should have been changed a long time ago really, that always felt dumb.

Interesting sounding changes though, dunno if it'll be enough to make me play her more often, but definite improvement.
Posted 01:59pm 24/11/16
Interesting sounding changes though, dunno if it'll be enough to make me play her more often, but definite improvement.

I dunno man, third game I played with her yesterday as Symmetra I blocked 26k damage. Rein is looking less and less mandatory.
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