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Blizzard competitive Esports and StarCraft II go hand in hand, and at BlizzCon 2016 the StarCraft II Arena was sight to behold. With the release of Legacy of the Void we're probably on the tail-end of substantial new narrative content for the game, but that hasn't stopped Blizzard from announcing a few cool new things. And if you're a fan of the multiplayer, you're in for a treat. Plus, there was the announcement of a new partnership that could bring about the end times.

So, no stress.

My fear of Artificial Intelligence and robots that can outsmart humans is probably the result of watching too many sci-fi movies and reading one too many Asimov tales growing up. Which meant that the announcement that Blizzard were partnering with DeepMind, and opening StarCraft II to AI and Machine Learning researchers around the world, is a very good (and scary) thing. If the name DeepMind sounds familiar, it’s probably because they were responsible for the AlphaGo AI beating world champion Go player Lee Sedol in the ancient and complex game of Go.

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