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With around about double the power of the existing PlayStation 4, we've now entered the realm of faster and more powerful console versions available to buy. The PlayStation 4 Pro, which outputs at 4K whilst also offering up more detailed graphics for supported titles, is now available for purchase in Australia for $559.

Of course to take full advantage of the console you'll need a 4K TV with HDR capability, but if you find yourself on that end of the high-end home theater spectrum then the improvements that come from the PlayStation 4 will be immediate. And pretty amazing, thanks to the the new 4.20 TFLOP AMD Radeon GPU and the revamped CPU. The extra power has also resulted in a heavier console too, with the PS4 Pro weighing in at about 3.3kg.

But when the results look this good, you know the extra weight is being put to good use.

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Posted 01:58pm 11/11/16
Does it give any benefit just playing at 1080p? I'd rather use the extra power for higher framerates and better graphics at 1080 than the same 30fps lower quality at 4k
Posted 05:28pm 11/11/16
Pity Sony decided not to include a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive otherwise I would had bought this over the Xbox One S.. big mistake in my books given they boast the Ps4 Pro is 4K this and 4K that but don't pack in a 4K Drive !!!
Posted 07:06pm 11/11/16
Does it give any benefit just playing at 1080p?

depends on what the game devs decide to offer.

for example rise of the tomb raider offers 1080p at unlocked fps or 1080p locked to 30fps but with upgraded textures and other visuals.

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Posted 07:12pm 15/11/16
Revolutiuon !
Posted 07:29am 16/11/16
The extra u is for u u really need to buy this.
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