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With the popular hero shooter from Blizzard now boasting over 20 million players you can be sure that there was a lot of Overwatch goodness at this year's BlizzCon. And with that, our BlizzCon 2016 Coverage continues with a look at everything Overwatch. From the reveal of a new hero through to the Overwatch World Cup, we were there to soak it all up, and then come back wanting nothing more than to continue playing.

For those of us who have been playing the game for the past six months or so, it’s hard to imagine a time without Overwatch. Perhaps this year’s biggest success story, Blizzard’s competitive hero shooter now boasts a player base of about 20 million. Which, is a pretty impressive feat. So, it came as no surprise that Overwatch took the stage at BlizzCon to sit alongside the likes of World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and the rest of the Blizz-gang. As a competitive hero shooter, this year’s event played host to the first Overwatch World Cup finals, an inclusive and exciting Esports spectacle that saw favourites South Korea take the crown in spectacular fashion.

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Posted 10:37am 12/11/16
Not an Overwatch player, due to time and lack of skill.. but the Sombra announcement was pretty cool.
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