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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:30pm 27/10/16 | 5 Comments
Celebrating the launch of Titanfall 2, AusGamers favourite son Joab Gilroy will be leading a team of AusGamers pilots into the mech-filled trenches to take on the evil forces of planet Stevivor and their dressed-in-black military leader Luke Lawrie. The fate of the galaxy rests in the capable hands of one Joab Gilroy. Or, to put it simply, AusGamers will be going up against Stevivor to prove once and for all that, yep, Joab is really good at games. Which is why we've got our chants ready for the 6:30 PM event.

The event will be streamed over at and is embedded below.

Watch live video from 6T4Bites on

The line-up of matches are as follows:
  • Round One: Joab Gilroy (AusGamers) v Luke Lawrie (Stevivor)
  • Round Two: Sarah Pike (Artemis) v Jake Buckley (MasterBucks)
  • Round Three: James Tedesco (NRL player) v Michael Jennings (NRL player)

  • And you can check out ol' Joab's AusGamers review of Titanfall 2 here.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 03:44pm 27/10/16

    Thanks for not setting expectations too high Kosta!

    And you can watch a video of me murdering Stevivor here

    And one of me killing Polygon here

    And one of me murdering everyone in the closest vicinity here

    Posted 03:57pm 27/10/16
    Hah! After looking at those vids perhaps I didn't set them high enough :)

    That last kill in that first vid is insane....

    last edited by KostaAndreadis at 15:57:09 27/Oct/16
    Posted 05:04pm 27/10/16
    Ahh yeah but that was all on PC and they've told me I'll be on Xbox. The SP has an obstacle course in it. On Xbox my best time was a reasonable 82 seconds. On PC it was 39. Luckily Luke (Crash) is a pc gamer as well so we'll be equally handicapped.
    Posted 11:27am 28/10/16
    GG Ausgamers!
    Posted 09:19pm 30/10/16

    Whats the latest on keyboard/mouse support for xbox?

    I found this but I wonder whether it will create too much...crying.

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