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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:31pm 18/10/16 | 2 Comments
After yesterday's red Rockstar logo it looks like the studio is now in full Read Dead Hype Mode, with a new image that looks like concept or teaser art for the next game in the series. In it we see the same red backdrop from the logo image, but with the added awesome of seven silhouettes wearing a variety of old-timey cowboy hats. Plus, some guns. Could this be hinting at a Magnificent Seven style story?

With seven playable characters in a setup similar to GTA V's? Possibly. But then again, switching between seven characters might be a bit much. Either way it looks like we're finally going to get our first look at the next Red Dead.

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Posted 04:51pm 18/10/16
GTA Uluru confirmed.
Posted 01:11am 19/10/16
I wouldn't think that for a character development focused studio like R* that 7 playable characters with separate or interlinked storylines would be such an unexpected thing for them to deliver with this next RD2 dealio

There's something creepy as f*** but still genuine as the historical theme of cowboys and Indians and sherrifs and robbers and damsels. I mean just look at how quickly and compellingly Westworld has done with developing the character and storyline in just the first 3 episodes so far on the manufactured western settting and the sci fi God solving corporate controls that are pulling the strings of the hosts.

It's only really possible and remains plausibly genuine with this western nostalgia theme, I really hope it's something similar to the sci fi mysteriously corporate controlled theme that Westworld is unfolding because it's just so damn creepy but genuine and compelling to watch how they layer the storylines.

So ok even if it's not Westworldy, dunno maybe it's just a HBO 1 season binge perfect before it gets too weird, my point was this Rockstar studio has been about making games where the gameplay lies between character driven narrative and open world choices, so 7 different characters with related narrative would be about what to expect not highly doubtful like ahhhh.... Star Citizen: Forever

p.s. on PC this time too would be ace
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