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Kicking off 2022 in Games
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:55pm 17/10/16 | 5 Comments
Overnight Rockstar Games took to its Twitter account to post a red studio logo with no accompanying text or any idea what it's in reference or response to. Naturally, and judging by the fact that the background is a little smudgy and gritty looking, the general consensus is that a Red Dead Redemption sequel announcement is coming soon. Sure it's a logo tweet, but still -- this could be exciting!

For those that know their late-2011 game announcements they might recall that Grand Theft Auto V was announced with an announcement trailer in late October. From that we got our first glimpse at the game plus some basic information about its setting and some of the characters.

A quick glance at a calendar and you'll notice that we're in October, which means that the timing of this post could very well lead to a Red Dead Redemption sequel announcement in the coming weeks. Sure, we've been here before and we'll take just about any hint we can get, but still. Red Dead!

Oh, and if we were to put our tin-foil hats on we'd point to the image resolution being 1080p, hinting that it's a screenshot of a Red Dead trailer.

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Posted 06:17pm 17/10/16
Do not support the hype machine.
Posted 08:54pm 17/10/16
Maybe it's a PC version!@#!#!@#
Posted 11:34am 18/10/16
Posted 01:07pm 18/10/16
The hype is real - https://twitter.com/RockstarGames/status/788001608827281408

Posted 01:23pm 18/10/16
red dead westworld
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