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That being $199 USD. The motion controllers for the Oculus Rift will also add room-scale VR functionality with the addition of extra sensors that will also run you $79 apiece. Costly sure, but we're talking about VR. The announcement came at the Oculus Connect conference held earlier today, an event that also saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrate an Oculus Rift version of Facebook Messenger.

The Oculus Touch motion controllers have been designed with VR gaming in mind, and will serve as a replacement to the current Xbox One controller that ships with the unit.

This guy seems to like them.

In addition to the launch date and price for Oculus Touch some new game announcements were also made. Like this one from Epic, called Robo Recall. It looks kind of like an on-rails shooter, but an incredibly detailed and fun one.

Next up we've got Arktika.1 from the developers of Metro 2033. An atmospheric shooter set in a wintery apocalypse. Kind of like Metro 2033. But, way scarier thanks to the immersion of VR.

Finally, we've got Lone Echo from Ready at Dawn. Which takes the most perfect sci-fi concept that you can think of -- being an astronaut -- and runs with it.

All three titles are due for release next year.

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Posted 06:36pm 07/10/16
Its a nice toy but all far too expensive for my tastes.
Posted 11:35pm 07/10/16
flat screen gaming has gone about as far as it can

sure the PC version of it is still exy, when has it never been compared to a console version

but it's the future maaaaaan

it's kind of like trying to sit on a couch and be comfortable when you've fallen asleep reclined on a nice IMG chair

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Posted 02:54pm 08/10/16
At least one extra sensor is recommended for roomscale due to the camera's FOV.
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