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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:45pm 04/10/16 | 6 Comments
To those that know me, it won't come as a surprise that I totally dug Fallout 4. Even with its faults, the sense of exploration and discovery coupled with one of the best designed open worlds ever created make it the sort of game you can lose yourself in. Perhaps what came as a surprise even to me was how invested I would become in the settlement building side of things. So much so that one of the last things I did in the game was build a museum.

A museum dedicated to my exploits in the Commonwealth, and the fun side of a post-nuclear wasteland -- The Kostonium Museum of Wonders.

Check it out.

Click Here for a Full Transcript, Screens, and Video

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:43pm 04/10/16
Nice one. I could never be bothered to go to that much work. Also, I'm not that creative. lol
Posted 06:28pm 04/10/16
Nice video, Kosta. I can see the frames dropping when recording because of all the stuff you put there lol.

I myself, have not gotten into FO4 as much as I would like. I am not sure why. I just can't get into it. Plus I stop and start a lot and then make new characters. So That probably doesn't help. What I might try in future is play it with minimal mods and try and get through the main quest (which i still have not done either).
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:04pm 04/10/16
Yeah, outside of the creative element of this, the most impressive thing is that you did it both on console, and with no mods.

Seriously wonderful work.
Posted 09:34pm 04/10/16
Cheers. And yeah Blade the frame-rate does struggle a bit inside the museum, hehe.

Definitely worth getting back into it, but maybe not even bother with the main quest. Try the Far Harbor expansion as that has some really cool story stuff.
Posted 10:57pm 04/10/16
Brilliant stuff, well done.
Posted 09:50am 05/10/16
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