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Post by Joaby @ 08:00am 29/09/16 | 7 Comments
EB Expo is this weekend, and Bethesda is using it to show-off Dishonored 2! We got three hours with an alpha, playable version of the game, and we were allowed to record footage from our time as both Corvo and Emily.

Watch the video above to see the game in action (in 1080p and at a solid 60fps), or you can read the full script by heading to the link below.

Like Clockwork - Hands-On With Dishonored 2

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:32pm 29/9/16
It's so polished and good. Their work here has me far more interested in their new spin on Prey, too (see what I did there?!?)
Posted 01:37pm 29/9/16

I'm still hesitant about Prey. But Dishonored 2 is the business man. I'm in love. I guarantee you I could have spent another 3 hours with just the area they gave us.
Posted 10:03pm 29/9/16
Good stuff mate, nice info in that piece.
Posted 11:50pm 29/9/16
F*****g Dishonored. Played this game like a madman. only half way through did I realise the game outcome is determined by how many you kill. Of course all my points went into killing efficiency. I was always confused why it chaotic or whatever the status was.
Posted 02:08am 30/9/16
Loved Dishonored so much, right up my alley! Way more of a sequel to Thief than the actual new Thief too.

Very excited for this, especially with Deus Ex Mankind Divided being a little bit of a let down.
Posted 09:01am 30/9/16
Mankind Divided got me so pumped for Dishonored 2. It was like getting a pub steak for lunch when you know you're gonna eat that 9+ marble rib eye for dinner.
Posted 10:55am 02/10/16
Nah Mankind Divided was more like just getting a couple pieces of lettuce a mouth full of steak and two chips, some how the rest of the meal never makes it to the plate.
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