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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:23pm 28/09/16 | 6 Comments
Right, so it's safe to say that there probably hasn't been a truly great single-player campaign in a Battlefield game yet. So you could say that the odds are stacked against Battlefield 1's campaign. But even so, based on what we see in this trailer, it does look impressive. Fantastic even. From the wonderful character models to the jaw-dropping battle scenes, this could be the one.

What's great is that it looks to add story and character moments across all the great locations that we've seen for the game so far. From desert to villages to city ruins. Plus, it features a cast of characters from all corners of the globe. Well, from countries that took part in the mess that was World War I.

Check it out.

battlefield 1single-playerstorytrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 01:27pm 28/9/16
Even better, they put a decent soundtrack behind it, and not the latest Kanye or Rihanna song
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:37pm 28/9/16
Hahaha Khel, spot on.

Does look pretty epic though, I think this year is going to be Battlefield's year in the BF/CoD wars
Posted 07:01pm 28/9/16
looks like some aussie characters will be involved.
Posted 10:14pm 28/9/16
Frostbite engine doing nicely there. Looks awesome, I can hardly wait.
Posted 06:26pm 29/9/16
Yeah looks great. I wonder if they will have any missions shown from the Central Powers side of the war.
It doesn't really make sense to have it purely Allied side, seeing as World War 1 was simply a whole bunch of colonial empires going head to head, there are no "good" and "bad" sides in WW1.
With WW2 games, I get it...making a game where you play as the Germans could be seen as having sympathy with Nazi history.
But for WW1, I believe the Great War is best shown from all sides as it was the same for all...a big bloody, mess with lots of sacrifice.
Posted 08:35pm 29/9/16
not bad.
Still won't pre-order though.

Does it have coop play in campaign?
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