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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:51pm 27/09/16 | 2 Comments
With the Xbox One kinda sorta part of the Windows 10 ecosystem, supporting the new UWP platform for software (oops, we mean, apps), that means that potentially anything on a Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 Phone (if they still exist) should work on an Xbox One. Like say, an emulator that lets you play illegal ROMs of classic games. Which is what happened in wee hours of last night when a Nintendo 64 emulator called Win64e10 was made available for Xbox One.

It didn't last long, but the purchasable app allowed ROMs of N64 games to run on the Xbox One. Like Super Mario 64, which according to those that managed to snag the emulator, worked perfectly. Other titles apparently were a mixed bag, and Win64e10 has since had its Xbox One compatibility removed and is now only available on Windows 10 PC, phone, and tablet devices. Places where emulation is apparently okay.

This follows on a recent attempt by someone who tried to get a NES emulator through Xbox One certification in recent months. Naturally, having this sort of capability on an Xbox One wouldn't be that hard. The Windows Store currently has emulators covering just about every pre-2000 console. Which means that Microsoft has to be pretty careful when vetting apps for use on the Xbox One console. As one could slip through the cracks. Like it did here. If only for a few hours.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:11pm 27/9/16
This is great - they should have left it there ;)
Posted 05:02pm 27/9/16
Nintendo would be all over that. How are they going to sell an N64 classic with 30 games next year if every game every made for N64 is already playable on the XBone.
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