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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:32pm 20/09/16 | 5 Comments
For those that played the Battlefield 1 beta you may have found the classic Conquest mode to be a little weird. That's because capturing and holding objectives was the only way to score points for your team. Leaving all the high kill-count gaming freaks out there scratching their heads as their team lost. Even though they totally owned the other side, kill-wise. Well, looks like the experiment is ending with Conquest going back to the ways of old in time for the game's launch.

Daniel Berlin, Lead World Designer on Battlefield 1, posted the following over at the official site.

I’d like to talk to you about the Conquest game mode. When we build a new Battlefield game it’s important for us to try new things, we want to stay fresh and renew the franchise with each new installment. However, it’s equally as important that we take the feedback that you, the community, are giving us. That is why we're going to be making changes to the Conquest game mode ticket system for launch. The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match. You have spoken, we have listened!

Which, is great news. Also the team is making changes to Rush mode based on feedback. Plus, the Light Tank is getting a much needed nerf. And the Support class will be getting some new gadgets to deal with those pesky vehicles.

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Posted 04:08pm 20/9/16
I liked the new way :(

Sounds like the whiners in the Battlefield forums got their way.
Posted 05:53pm 20/9/16
Haha yes, let us encourage even MORE snipers. Yes, excellent idea all the BF wankers and EA/DICE.
For me, they should give points for kills because killing the enemy allows your team to move up. But it should be minimal compared to the points gained for taking over the whole point of the mode.
Say 200 for flag conquering and 20 for a kill. Sounds good. That way, yeah you get a bit here and there for kills but you can't just sit around all game sniping like a typical COD-convert to BF.
Posted 06:07pm 20/9/16
Hmm bit of a pander to the TDM dilberts , what are they trying to do attract more COD players? :) The recent stats showing that the Medic was only played by 10% of players in the Beta was a bit of a shock and very disappointing. I would have thought a medic who helps keep men in the battlefield alive and pushing forward was one of the most important support classes, but gumbies just seemed to want to be kill freaks. I often saw complete teams comprising nothing but 5 snipers just camping the cliffs at F.. seriously? They weren't remotely interested in PTO's

I'd much rather be on a side where all the squads work together to cap objectives and hold them, move on and rotate between objectives or work with other squads to hold the enemy at bay. Ah well it is about keeping their fan base happy i guess.
Posted 08:11pm 20/9/16
Medics in conquest have always been useless. S*** was so hectic in BF4 (don't remember whether I played conquest in BC2) there was no time for medics to heal or revive and if you did, you were instantly killed along with the person you revived.
Posted 05:30pm 21/9/16
Yes, all valid points. Which is why Conquest is a mindless mode. Rush is much more conducive to team work and that is a big reason why BF3 and BF4 were so disappointing...horrible rush modes.

Conquest is just a sniper fest with zero negative consequences, unless they put a limit of say 20% snipers on any team...which would be, you know, reasonable.
In Rush, yeah sure they can be heaps of snipers on the attack team, but they will suffer a big loss 9 times out of a 10 with a sniper strategy. And the defending team, well it is up to them how they defend, if they all snipe and are bad at it, they too will be pushed back quite easily.
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