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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:31pm 20/09/16 | 6 Comments
What initially started as a visual mod that aimed to give GTA V's already impressive Los Santos a cutting edge sheen, has also added things like new weapon load-outs for police, new physics, and even rejigged car handling and destruction. Called GTA V Redux the impressive mod is also the work of one man, Josh Romito. And it looks incredible.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Josh pointed out that the mod was made possible through editing existing game files.
The entire project consists solely of edited game files and data. Xml, meta, dat, and texture files! No scripting was done for the development. All features were made possible, only by editing the core game data files.

And it's available now.

Naturally you'll need a serious rig to be able to run this at any sort of playable frame-rate. As it adds all new 4K textures, global illumination, and some very pretty and lifelike shrubbery. In addition to the high-def violence.

gta vgtamod4kredux

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Posted 04:22pm 20/9/16
I think I will install GTA V again. I have been meaning to for a while but I have to use my External DVD drive to do it lol.

One thing I want to mention is that I am disappointed in the lack of Single player DLC. Everything is about GTA Online. More content than you can poke a stick at there.
Posted 03:59am 22/9/16
I installed GTA V yesterday. All 7 discs through my external DVD drive. Took a long bloody time. While I'm here, Anyone recommend some good mods for it?
Posted 05:55am 22/9/16
wow, pretty impressive!
Posted 07:10pm 23/9/16
Looks neat but - real life ads? what the actual f***? who would want to see those?
Posted 07:37pm 23/9/16
anyone who wants a realistic experience?
Posted 08:22pm 23/9/16
the in-game ads and brands are one of the best things about GTA though!

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