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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:46pm 16/09/16 | 6 Comments
Back in June Ubisoft released a Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for PC that was only available for a limited time. And now it's back! Although, as a Uplay exclusive. For $19.95 the Starter Edition nets you access to four operators plus all of the in-game maps, modes, and other content.

Same as last time, here's what's included.
The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition provides full access to the game and instantly unlocks up to four operators. With the Starter Edition, new players receive access to all the content available in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege including PvP, Terrorist Hunt (PvE) and Situations (single-player) content; Bomb, Secure Area and Hostage modes; all launch and post-launch operators; the 11 original maps and free post-launch maps; all weapons and attachments; full progression without any level cap and matchmaking on the same servers.

With the only real difference being a separate progression path to unlock additional operators. And no fancy skins. For all the Season Pass stuff you'll probably want to wait for the Gold Edition which is out October 6.

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Posted 10:48pm 24/9/16
I see youtubers playing this and really want to give it a go but uplay is the work of satan.
Posted 08:00am 25/9/16
Have you even played anything with the new version of uplay?
The ones who used to complain would be pirates now it's like people who read pirates comments and want something to whinge about
Posted 04:08pm 25/9/16
Far cry 3's uplay was enough to put me off forever. Steam / origin or GTFO IMHO. I don't need 30 passwords for each and every stupid company that wants to have their own s***** distro network
Posted 12:04pm 26/9/16
Played over 100 hours of Siege. One of the best shooters in years.

Havent had any major issues with uPlay with the last 4 games I've played with it.
Posted 10:15am 28/9/16

I just picked up Siege (again) on PS4

Didn't like it the first time I played it, but after watching a couple videos and a mate of mine playing it, I've changed my mind and it's pretty good!
Posted 01:08am 29/9/16
Didn't like it the first time I played it, but after watching a couple videos and a mate of mine playing it, I've changed my mind and it's pretty good!

Yep the more Ubisoft tweak the game the better it becomes. It still has issues with lag compensation and hit detection but the game is developing nicely, the character and weapon balances are better and it just seems a lot more fun since their beefed up anti cheat system is removing a lot of the toxic/hacker idiots daily.

If you want to see a great player of the game check out Macie Jay'schannel....he is astounding.
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