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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:26pm 16/09/16 | 2 Comments
Making it the biggest beta in EA history. And regular history too by the sounds of it, as the number trumps quite a few of the more popular betas in recent times. The previous EA record holder was Star Wars Battlefront which drew in over 9 million players. Then there's the Overwatch beta's 9.7 million players, and The Division and Destiny drawing in about 6.5 million players each. Which makes 13.2 million quite an impressive number. As is the 62.2 million kills whilst on horseback featured in the Battlefield 1 beta info-graphic.

And hey, with so many players this probably means that you also checked it out. We did, and we pretty much loved it. Outside of the very weird menu glitches and lag. What did you think?

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Posted 09:26pm 16/9/16
What other than the fact that it was buggy as s***, key binds were f***ed and the distinct lack of JS support.
Posted 06:55am 17/9/16
There are things about the game I don't like/care for but in saying that. I want to play it noooooww. I want to unlock things and be a camping wanker on a hill somewhere lol.
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