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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:39pm 15/09/16 | 3 Comments
The latest in the free monthly offerings from Ubisoft on PC is The Crew, an open-world racer modeled in the fashion of an MMO. That means level ups for car parts, xp points to earn, quests to race, and so forth. It's actually a pretty cool system that works more often than it doesn't. And the game's USA map is huge. Massive even. So head on over to the Ubisoft Club to nab your free copy now.

The Crew is an important step for Ubisoft as it is the first fully connected open world ever created by our studios. The game offers endless hours of driving through the most iconic American landmarks, recreating the full US territory from East Coast to West Coast. Through the Crew, Ubisoft reinvents the driving game genre by offering features that are traditionally dedicated to MMO or shooter games. The Crew includes constant community support and continues to provide players with regular content updates.

Here's a clip of the PC version in action.

The Crew is also set to get a new expansion later this year called "Calling All Units", that as the name suggests adds a cops versus street racers vibe to the game.

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Posted 05:13pm 15/9/16
Thanks, didn't know Ubisoft was giving away games as uplay is aids so I avoid it.
Posted 10:37pm 15/9/16
so can I run this inside a vm running inside a vm that's hosting a vm with a vm in another country on a remote server bouncing off a satellite to a computer on mars so I can keep uplay as far away from my pc as possible?
Posted 11:39pm 15/9/16
Thanks, didn't know Ubisoft was giving away games as uplay is aids so I avoid it.

Yes agreed, but they have been dropping some good old titles. I had never actually played all the way thru Splinter Cell, saw it recently, grabbed it played it and really appreciated where the devs were coming from once I completed it. I remember doing the tutorial when I bought it for my kids with their original xbox all those years ago but never got down to playing...not that I could get near the blood console anyways in those days. :)
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