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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:09pm 05/09/16 | 7 Comments
Over the past two weeks, we've asked our readers to submit their best sniper kill in any game that features, well, sniper killing. We had some pearlers for entries, but we've come to a winner, and also want to highlight the best five entries, just in case you missed them (we're also going to work on a better video upload system for comps like this in the future).

In no particular order, we have the best four before the winner, which you can start checking out below.

Watch live video from Offsett180 on www.twitch.tv

Thanks Offset :)

Thanks Dom

Thanks Net

Thanks Zy (you were closest to taking out the crown).

And finally, E.T.'s impressive Arma 3 headshot at just under 1km with the target on the move

Well done to everyone who submitted and stay tuned, because we're definitely looking to do more of these types of competitions, and thanks again to Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for the chance to run this comp. Congrats, E.T.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:32pm 05/9/16
Okay so set up a poll so we mere mortal can vote on the best shot in our humble opinions, crazy rail shot from the Zy maenz pure skill
Posted 07:10pm 05/9/16
Congrats E.T.

I'll try better at the next competition.
Posted 09:30pm 05/9/16
nice! there are some awesome shots there
Posted 12:46pm 06/9/16
Pfft. They all using KB + M. Lets see them do it with a controller.
Posted 02:34pm 06/9/16
Posted 05:36pm 06/9/16
Thanks Bladerunner.
BTW Steve, That was Arma 3 (not 2), if it makes a difference to anyone.
Posted 07:19pm 06/9/16
Congrats again to ET, and thanks for posting a thread about it!

In the end, we all need closure.
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