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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:35pm 02/09/16 | 2 Comments
Season 2 of Overwatch Competitive Play kicks off today alongside the new Eichenwalde map. And the new season brings with it some significant changes to the format, including a new scoring system that measures performance across a scale of 1 to 5,000. Plus, an Overwatch Free Weekend is coming to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One from September 10 through to 13! Giving everyone access to all heroes and modes, with the option to carry their progress over if they decide to buy.

For those that have yet to play Overwatch this is definitely your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Albeit without the elite feeling of playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Oh, and here's a brief rundown of the changes coming to Season 2 of Competitive Play.

  • Skill Rating Changes: Player ratings will be measured from 1 to 5000; this expanded scale should give players more detail about how their skill rating changes on a game-by-game basis. We’re also implementing skill rating decay; now, players with a skill rating above 3000 will need to stay active in order to maintain their status.
  • Skill Tiers: We’re introducing seven discrete skill tiers. Depending on their skill rating, players will fall into one of these tiers, but climbing into the next tier is possible as they improve.
    • Bronze: 1–1499
    • Silver: 1500–1999
    • Gold: 2000–2499
    • Platinum: 2500–2999
    • Diamond: 3000–3499
    • Master: 3500–3999
    • Grandmaster: 4000–5000

  • Grouping Restrictions: Players will be unable to group if they have a skill rating difference of more than 1000 from their potential group mates. However, in the Master and Grandmaster tiers, the difference will need to be less than 500.
  • Competitive Points: In season 2, players will now receive 10 points for winning a game. The cost of Golden Weapons will also be multiplied by 10, meaning that golden weapons will now cost 3,000 Competitive Points instead of 300.
  • Leaver Penalties: A 10-minute penalty will apply to any players who leave an in-progress match, on top of the existing leaver penalties that applied in Season 1.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:59am 03/9/16
I think dotes should maybe take note of that skill thing, if only in ranked.

Not just premades, stop pretending that 4x3k + 1x5k == 5 x 3.4k because its just not f*****g true.
Posted 07:39am 04/9/16
Woot, got in to gold this time around.

The quality of players is certainly still varied, but is definitely higher too. By I have come up against soooooo many s*** reapers so far this season. And by that I mean I've come up against them in a solo duel - as Mercy - and have taken them out solo. Multiple times.

Oh yeah, and as Mercy, most elims in came (S2 so far)? 19 ;)
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