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At Gamescom this year we had a chance to check out the new Bounty Mode Ubisoft has injected into Watch Dogs 2, expanding in creative and chaotic ways upon the Invasion system of the first game, and it's super-fun.

Here's a snippet from our hands-on preview:
“Hacking is your weapon”, was the tagline for the first outing, but in Watch Dogs 2 this has been paired back from an aggressive sentiment, to one more in line with what we really wanted from the mechanic, and that’s for it to be a genuine tool for not only enjoying the game, but for being creative within it. Moreover, that aggression has been replaced with a player’s freedom to tackle any of the game’s myriad scenarios however they see fit. The idea that you can play the game entirely non-lethal speaks volumes about this, and so all of a sudden with a minority lead character, in a laidback and uniquely diverse city like San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2’s openness to invite players in, rather than forcing them, showcases one of the many lessons learnt from the first game until now.

But tone isn’t the only upshot. Multiplayer has also been given a shot in the arm, and at this year’s Gamescom I went hands-on with the new Bounty Mode, which expands upon the player-invasion system of the first game, by allowing up to four people to play in either two vs two competitive multiplayer, or three vs one. It’s not as cut and dry as that though, and stems from you causing too much chaos in your game which generates a bounty on your head where up to three other players can seamlessly enter your game (you have to allow this from your smartphone though), and start hunting you. This is also happening while you’re being pursued by the law. Hunters will net big rewards for nailing their bounty, but the hunted can become the hunter by turning the tide and fighting back against their attackers and earn even bigger rewards.
Click here for our full Watch Dogs 2 Gamescom hands-on.

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