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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:54pm 30/08/16 | 23 Comments
The Open Beta for Battlefield 1 is all set to begin on August 31 across PS4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC. But because we don't have a specific time, that probably means September 1 -- this Thursday! What with Australia being a dystopian future and all. The open beta will be free for everyone (although Xbox users will require a Gold subscription) to check out EA DICE's take on World War 1 .

The beta will include two modes on the recently unveiled Sinai Desert map. A new desert location that looks to be part Lawrence of Arabia, part awesome looking planes, trains, and armoured automobiles. The two modes in question are the Battlefield staples Conquest and Rush. With Conquest supporting 64-players and Rush 24-players.

Now, if you're a Battlefield Insider you've had access to the beta for a few days now. But for the rest of us, the countdown to hopping into a biplane and flying through canyons begins!

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:01pm 30/8/16
Just got my Origin code for being a Battlefield Insider. Downloading now. YEAHH Boiii!
Posted 05:28pm 30/8/16
Just got my Origin code for being a Battlefield Insider. Downloading now. YEAHH Boiii!

Yeha..you and me bother ...c u in there maybe...I'll me the mad bomber pilot, tank driver, sniper, psycho ground grunt charging into machine gun fire.....:)
Posted 06:13pm 30/8/16
got an invite too.
Posted 08:03pm 30/8/16
Well I have to say it's pretty good. Better than I expected.

I'm too jaded though to pre-order.
Posted 09:29pm 30/8/16
Played 5-6 matches. It's alright. I was terrible at it but I did enjoy it. The last game I just sat in the light tank and defended points.
Posted 09:25am 31/8/16
Loving the war bonds idea and not being trapped into a linear upgrade tree. Reminds me of BF2 and the old points system...

Loving the different play style too... feels old school as
Posted 04:24pm 31/8/16
just signed up as BF insider. how long it take for codes to be emailed out?
Posted 04:39pm 31/8/16
are the ea servers down?
Posted 09:14am 01/9/16
Yeah they are experiencing outages at the moment. Also, I am not too keen on the map. It doesn't feel good.
Pablitos Way
Posted 11:01am 01/9/16
So how do you get a key?
Posted 01:16pm 01/9/16
So how do you get a key?

Its an open beta dude, just download it and play.
Posted 03:56pm 01/9/16
any feedback on what this is like?
Posted 06:12pm 01/9/16
The servers are a bit glitched/bugged right now. Basic wepons won't show up for you to use. Cars disappear.
Posted 07:38pm 01/9/16
Played a couple of matches and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Love the dust storm :)
Posted 07:39pm 01/9/16
any feedback on what this is like?

Worth the download.
Posted 12:04pm 05/9/16
I'm starting to get over this game already :(
Posted 02:53pm 05/9/16
I rate battlefield 3 and 4 over this. Glad I played the beta, don't think I'll buy this now.
Posted 05:47pm 07/9/16
The servers are a bit glitched/bugged right now. Basic wepons won't show up for you to use. Cars disappear.

So what you're saying is it's an EA game ready for release?
Posted 06:55pm 07/9/16
This ends on the 8th yet they patched it today?. Changed the timer on Conquest now. Damn, its taken the best part of the week to get my bloody joystick working how I want with 'joytokey' etc...and now its going to end! Its going to be a long night.

They are getting hammered by a lot of people asking for another Map to play, perhaps the one used in the Alpha...there might be hope of the Beta being extended if they do drop another map for testing. If you copped a ton of outages a few days ago, on the 5th, Dice were purposely overloading their servers to try and emulate game release day demands?

I've given you my money, just give me the damn game already! :)
Posted 07:39pm 07/9/16
Further to that patch, I just jumped in and another patch dropped, they have unlocked all the weapons and gadgets for each rank & class...probably to let us play with them before they take em away again!
Posted 08:30pm 07/9/16
i just got back into bf4, man its an awesome game
Posted 10:37pm 07/9/16
Well I have to say it's pretty good. Better than I expected.

I'm too jaded though to pre-order.

Same here, amazing interface
Posted 11:35pm 07/9/16
I'm starting to get over this game already :(

I played 5 rounds and I am already over it.. It just doesn't bring anything new to the table.
Posted 12:05pm 08/9/16
I have clocked up 18 hours of it so far.

What I liked.

Visuals and sound

Interesting old weapons. I've seen more than enough M4s, AKs, M249s for a while thanks to BF3-4.

tweaked the ticket bleed so kills/deaths do not count towards the ticket thing.

Gameplay in general was good, I did not even go on the rush game mode. I also did not use the server browser, I went matchmaking. Worked well.

P08 Luger pistol.

What I did not like.

The vehicle spawn system thing. I am surprised they did not do power-ups like in Battlefront. Would have been a lot worse then.

Only 4 classes. DICE has changed up the classes a bit. I don't know why DICE does not use more than 4 classes still. It made some sense when porting previous games to PS3 and X360 because of the limited player count. Now that Consoles can have 64 player matches too. It makes sense to have more classes again, if you ask me anyway. This is one of my major annoyances with BF games.

Lack of weapon customisation

Light tanks can rampage well enough. But this problem will go away when people start unlocking the AT rocket thing. Otherwise you are stuck using grenades or hoping the tank runs over a mine.

Locked to EA Origin.


Overall it will be better than Battlefront but may not be as good as Battlefield 3 and 4. Based on what i have seen so far anyway. I also think that World War 2 or 2142 setting would have been a much better choice instead of WW1. I will buy the game when it comes out and will enjoy it as much as I can aside from the issues. Just have to hope the maps are good and I also hope they have a Metro/Locker type map for that meat grinder experience.
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