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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:27pm 26/08/16 | 4 Comments
Yeah, there's an official Duke Nukem site at Which has probably been there since the '90s, after moving from a GeoCities domain. Anyway, the site has for some reason a countdown clock ticking away to an announcement in 7 days or so. With a '20th Anniversary' banner. What could it be? A new game? A re-release? A HD remake? We're less excited to find out than we are curious. Fingers crossed it's a teaser for a game we end up playing in 2028. #ForeverBurn

Yeah, that's your daily reminder that Duke Nukem Forever was pretty terrible. But, with the Duke Nukem franchise now owned by Gearbox Software there's a chance this could be good.

And wouldn't that be something. Hail to the King and whatnot.

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Posted 01:03pm 29/8/16
"Fingers crossed it's a teaser for a game we end up playing in 2028. "

Haha read my mind.

Gearbox are pretty reputable though.
Posted 05:53pm 29/8/16
Duke Nukem 3D remake
Posted 06:16pm 29/8/16
I don't understand why people continue to have so much faith in Gearbox, I mean they made Aliens Colonial Marines and more recently Battleborn. Its not like they're hitting homeruns.
Posted 07:11pm 29/8/16
are you kidding? I mean it's mostly some BBI Canadian studio but Deserts of Kharak is a realtime strat loaded bases left field carpark hit at least Khel
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