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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:05pm 19/08/16 | 11 Comments
It certainly feels like a while since we've had a huge AAA release. Specifically one that blends RPG elements, action, stealth, and open world exploration in a future where augmented citizens are treated like yesterday's trash. Yep, we're only a few days away from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! Which launches August 23 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A game that we've been waiting quite a while for now. And one that continues to look fantastic with its new launch trailer.

That music. That voice. Bring it on.

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Posted 05:33pm 19/8/16
I have a confession to make...I only just started playing Deus Ex Human Revolution this week....its bloody terrific. I played the original all those years ago and loved that, and well never got round to HR. I saw it for $20 on Steam and thought Id plod thru it before the new one comes out...I'd better get cracking then, I've only just got to the China levels.
Posted 07:12pm 19/8/16
Loved HR, big fan of the original. Very excited for this.
Posted 01:23am 23/8/16
Wow! What a game Deus Ex Human Revolution turned out to be. Very impressed! I just finished it like 5 minutes ago. I thought it was great, maybe a tad too long in the Chinese Districts/etc..of the game where it was a bit tedious, but overall a great game for the year (2011) Interesting to watch the directors cut extra footage. These guys were pitching and making such a marvelous game when the World was literally burning from the Global economic melt down...2007/8-2011. Amazing that the backers stuck with the dev's during that period, and that they still turned out a damn fine game.

*One of my favourite lines from Adam Jensen is when he is confronting Tong. Tong asks him how he knew where to find him and Jensen replies that he tracked him via the the GPL chip in the dead scientist arm,..."which you happen to be 'wearing' at the moment." Adam is SO Clint Eastwood.

Considering that my own body comprises a fair bit of modern technology, synthetics, wires, screws, harvested bone and titanium, I am sort of fond of this franchise, I just wish I could jump off buildings and land like Adam. :)

Also, why hasn't this been made into a bloody movie FFS!?

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Posted 05:36am 23/8/16
Yeah it's great hey! It's amazing how joyful it can be sneaking through office blocks reading peoples emails. :D

Loved the twists as well, the illuminati and the throwbacks (or throw forwards?) to plot points from the original, Bob Page, Eliza being a precursor to Daedalus, etc.

I really love the story and world they've crafted, especially the whole divide and debate about human cybernetics. I mean, you can really see that happening in our future at some point.

I thought this promo vid they did for mankind divided was great:

Posted 11:46pm 23/8/16
Yeah it's great hey! It's amazing how joyful it can be sneaking through office blocks reading peoples emails. :D

heh yeh, I kacked myself when I started to find the Nigerian scam emails on people comps & the IT tech screaming about the scientist that has animal porn on his computer, and complains (from what he has watched) at how distressing it must have been for the animals in the vids! I know a lot of people gloss over these emails but some of them are gems.

I never beefed up my augs to be able to punch out walls etc..but apparently if you punch out a wall in one of the Chinese brothels, a bunch of dildos fall out on the bed. :)

I have Mankind Divided pre-loaded and ready to go, but it won't be unlocked till something like 2am, little over 2hrs from now. Yah! for being retired...I can stay up all night if I want...AND I WILL.
Posted 09:32pm 12/9/16
Is anyone playing this?

I was a bit disappointed at first by:

1) The poor performance issues on PC. Took some tweaking to get it running nicely, man it's poorly optimised for PC! I've got a GTX 1080 and I can only run at high settings with MSAA and contact hardening shadows off.

2) The bad lip syncing and character animations in conversations, it just feels weird and s***.

Getting past that, it's pretty great! I literally spent like 8 hours having a ball breaking & entering around Prague and doing side quests before I even went into the office after that first intro mission.

Feels like a solid Deus Ex game, loving how there's multiple ways to approach everything and loads of exploration to be done with things to find.
Posted 10:10pm 12/9/16
Doing my second play thru now, going totally non-lethal if i can...its tough but once you finish the game the first time you unlock a new game that lets you take some of the augs from your last run with you. I have 2 Evga GTX980ti Superclokced versions. Have you let the nvidia geforce experience 'optomise ' it for you? I generally do that and then tweak it again in game. I have found I like running it cranked at 1080 rather than 1440 with less tweaks, I crank up the eye candy tweaks and options in 1080 and it runs and look sweet.

I have noticed that I think it ran better on the last Nvidia driver, rather than the current.
Posted 04:44am 13/9/16
Ahhh nice.

I'm playing on 1440, but I was getting similar FPS ranges in 1080 as I was in 1440 (40-60)... which is very odd? Yeah I'm on the latest Nvidia driver, I also saw some people on Steam commenting that the latest patch has made performance a bit worse.

I started off entirely non-lethal, I feel kinda bad killing people these days.. one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter init, it's hard to resist head shots with a silenced 10mm pistol though!

I'm playing on 'give me deus ex' and it's pretty brutal! Get pwnd after a couple of shots.

I randomly overhead 2 analysts in the TF29 headquarters talking about how someone's reading their emails just after I'd been rolling around reading peoples emails!

Edit: So at 1080p on very high with 40-50 fps, I can see my GPU sitting at 50% usage with the CPU at 100%, think my i5 3570 might be bottlenecking it!
Posted 12:24am 14/9/16
Edit: So at 1080p on very high with 40-50 fps, I can see my GPU sitting at 50% usage with the CPU at 100%, think my i5 3570 might be bottlenecking it!

Yep that could be the culprit. I'm running an i7/6700k at runs sweet, maybe a little texture loading but I am running it fully cranked.
Posted 09:47pm 14/9/16
I am so trying to find this.

My son who is playing thru it for his 2nd time also and he calls me into his room the other day. He shows me a screen cap of a rubbish bin that he has been rummaging thru and guess what he finds? The computer game of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in its CD jewel case in the bottom of the bin.

The little s*** won't tell me where he found it! And I don't want to cheat via the 'internets!"

Posted 09:53pm 14/9/16
heh that's neat. i found the companion cube from portal.
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