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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:47pm 10/08/16 | 7 Comments
It would be impossible to score No Man's Sky from a review perspective right now. I've only had the game for 24 hours, and most other sites and journalists have only had it for as long as me, or as long as a couple of days. Still, it's not stopping us from throwing out a few initial thoughts as we grind through this seemingly infinite resource-gathering/crafting/trading/exploring space adventure.

Here's a snippet from our impressions:
Recently I’ve been playing Subnautica from Natural Selection developer Unknown Worlds, which drops you -- as a lone survivor -- on an alien world entirely covered in water when your spaceship crashes. The ship itself is unsalvageable, and all you have to work from is a tiny escape pod where you need to scour the ocean depths around you for natural resources so your youbeaut Fabricator can make you advanced equipment. Eventually, through enough resource gathering you can build motorised underwater vehicles such as the SeaGlide, Cyclops and more, as well as an expanded base to survive. It’s still only in Early Access on Steam and in Preview on Xbox One, but there’s a huge amount of promise, and I’ve been digging the shit out if it.

No Man’s Sky reminds me a lot of Subnautica. You gather resources, which you can use to craft specific items, or repair damaged parts of your ship. These resources are scattered about an immensely-sized planet, and aren’t always that easy to find. Certain planets present danger, while others are either neutral, passive or friendly. On my planet, which I renamed “Chuzzwazza”, I could readily go about my business with little-to-no violent hindrance. There’s a fine thread to follow as you enter the game-universe, but it’s also very easy to ignore and just do your own thing. The problem with both of these options though, is neither offers enough driving meat out of the gate. There’s no real call-to-action for the player, and survival -- which is the CTA for Subnautica, is really easy in No Man’s Sky, so that’s not it.
Click here for our full No Man's Sky initial impressions.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:53am 11/8/16
Am I the only one not exited by this game?

I just think it will get boring quite quickly.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:04pm 11/8/16
I think it depends what you want out of a game like this Winston. Have you played Subnautica?
Posted 12:50pm 11/8/16
It's on my to-do list.

I think I will still check this out at some stage though, once the hype has settled and it's clearer what the game can offer.
Posted 04:17pm 11/8/16
NMS is the type of game you play to just relax its not all in your face or intense its a chilled exploration and crafting type of deal with a little combat here and there
Posted 07:02pm 11/8/16
Really looking forward to playing this. I really love my exploration games.
Posted 07:48pm 11/8/16
Any reviews for Subnautica coming up?
Posted 08:42pm 11/8/16
Am I the only one not exited by this game?

I just think it will get boring quite quickly.

I'm yet to read anything about it that makes me go "ooh, I gotta try that".

Maybe I'm still not over the burns given by Spore? Maybe I mined enough asteroids in Eve to tell me "what the hell am doing wasting my time with this?"
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