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Headlander, from Double Fine and Adult Swim is a weird game to say the least. It's art style is 1970s psychedelia meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Plus, you're put in the shoes (hypothetically speaking of course) of a severed astronaut head. But beneath the stylish and surreal presentation lies a Metroidvania-style experience that's great from start to finish.

Here's a snippet from our review.

Headlander from Double Fine and Adult Swim is a game that proudly, and quite successfully, dabbles in surreal presentation and absurdist humour. But the early moments of the game, where you first take control of a disembodied astronaut head and jet around from robot-body to robot-body, feel almost too slight. And the presentation, although very cool, doesn’t really do much to endear you to the story of its futuristic by the way of 1970s dystopian psychedelic sci-fi world. So you’re left wondering if this style of presentation, and surreal premise, could work at all in a game.

Thankfully, the answer is yes. And these feelings and doubts all but disappear after a few minutes. In the end Headlander works as well as it does because at its core it’s a well-thought out and intricately designed Metroidvania-style game. And probably the best since 2009’s Shadow Complex.

Click Here to Read Our Headlander Review

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