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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:45pm 01/08/16 | 3 Comments
With a $19 million (USD) plus prize pool on offer, the biggest ever for an esports event, next week's Dota 2 International is shaping up to be the biggest event that we know of on the increasingly packed esports calendar. And you know what, it'll be a pretty cool alternative to all the chaos surrounding the Olympics in Rio.

Running from August 8 - 13 in Seattle, be sure to head on over to the official hub for all the latest. There's schedules, links to all the live-streams, and even access to the all new 'Dota VR Hub'. Which, you guessed it, is a " Dota VR Theater to watch live matches and replays in SteamVR". Very cool.

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Posted 01:59pm 01/8/16
BTW dota2 is really fun to watch in the VR spectator client, this is going to be f***en awesome
Posted 06:09pm 01/8/16
Yeh when I first heard about the VR client I was like, how will that work?! But the second I saw a video showcasing it I was sold. I think it has a lot of potential! I love the idea of being able to glance around to see some of the in-game stats in panels off to the side, like Net Worth, for example.

Is the resolution high enough to get a good show of the game?
Posted 08:37pm 01/8/16
Yeh its good enough rez on the big screen at the back to watch it, but if it was just a glorified home theatre app I'd be less into it.

Not sure if you've seen the vids yet, but you can click onto the mini map and drop into the game at various perspectives (size of a creep, maybe 1.5x a hero, and a view about 4 metres in the air) ... its really cool watching a team fight get rolling and looking around in the first person as players pile on. The first person perspective and head tracking etc just adds a s***load of depth.

F***, now I have to go blow a couple hours watching replays again. THANKS TORG
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