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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:40pm 29/07/16 | 7 Comments
We know a lot of people have been digging the single-player aspect of DOOM, it's a game that captures the right kind of old-school action meets modern sensibilities. On the multiplayer front the game may not have been as universally beloved right away, but thanks to the impressive SnapMap feature and a bunch of updates there's always a reason to check it out. Like a new update dropping today that adds the classic capture-the-flag mode, called Exodus, into the mix.

It comes alongside another new mode, Sector.
Exodus is a one-flag capture-the-flag mode with an added twist of constantly moving bases and flags. Sector is an objective-based capture-and-hold mode where players compete to take control of zones and then hold them to score points. Both modes can be played on any existing or future maps.

Alongside two new modes comes additional tools for SnapMap, including jump pads, and customisable wheel functionality. Which, allows multiplayer games to play out a lot more like the campaign, something that many pointed to when the game first debuted. And to celebrate the update, as well as QuakeCon, a double-XP weekend kicks off today.

But it doesn't stop there, with DOOM's first bit of premium DLC called 'Unto the Evil' launching next week.

This package includes three new multiplayer maps, a brand-new playable demon called The Harvester, a new weapon (the EMG Mark V pistol), the new Kinetic Mine equipment, a bad-ass robotic armor set with new customization options, new hack modules, taunts and more.

And to somewhat alleviate the potential problems that comes with a fractured audience, DOOM PartyPlay ensures that as long as one person in a party has access to premium DLC content, everyone in the session does too. Very cool.

In addition to all the multiplayer additions id Software is also working on a new Arcade Mode for the campaign, one that will introduce a scoring system and leader-boards. Which sounds like exactly the right thing to do.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:18am 30/7/16
Well mine has just started the update and its a whopping 12 Gig !! hope they have fixed the net code and player movement.
Posted 02:00pm 30/7/16
And team balancing.

"We see you're top rank, please allow us to put you with other top rank players against first-timers. We trust this will be an entertaining experience. You're welcome."

Nope. Staaaahp.
Posted 03:22pm 30/7/16
yep 12 Gig downloaded
Posted 07:07pm 30/7/16
Tried for 20 mins to get a game and even with 8 players the stupid f***en thing just restarts looking for another match.. WAY TO TOALLY F*** UP A GAME ....
Posted 01:33pm 31/7/16
Yeah same problem... I'm going to be so surprised if their DLC sells; with this kind of neglect and poor design, they don't deserve a cent.
Posted 09:24pm 05/8/16
Multi still rooted for me unable to join a single sever even with the suggested ports opened ??
Posted 01:45am 06/8/16
I've been playing lately... no problem. Haven't tried today though.
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