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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:15pm 26/07/16 | 9 Comments
Announced at E3, the triumphant return of Quake called Quake Champions re-imagines the arena shooter with the inclusion of champions. Think of them as heroes. In a new video, id Software director Tim Willits discusses the four champions revealed in the CG debut for the game, and talks about how they've been modeled around various Quake play-styles.

And how they will all come packed with their own unique abilities, from charge moves to teleportation to seeing through walls. It all sounds very hero shooter-ish so we'll have to wait and see how it plays out when some actual gameplay footage emerges.

quake championsid softwarearena shootertim willitsvideo

Latest Comments
Posted 09:13pm 26/7/16
Meh, that boat sailed six months ago with Overwatch.
Posted 09:46pm 26/7/16
Definitely interested in seeing what id have done. It sounds a lot simpler than Overwatch as the champions only seem to have one ability each, so the focus should still be on fragging each other with heaps of awesome Quake weapons.
Posted 10:19pm 26/7/16
So too simple to be a good hero shooter, but not a proper arena shooter either because the balance is upset by the skills. This has all the makings of a disaster :(

The single player in the new Wolfenstein games was really cool, and the single player in Doom was great, they should just stick to doing more things like that.
Posted 10:21pm 26/7/16
yeah definitely sounds like the champions will be equal in terms of movement and weapons with just a single ability to differentiate them.

i hope they reveal more at quakecon next week.
Posted 10:41pm 26/7/16
this sounds more horrible with each update, might be just best to step back now lol :S
Posted 11:16pm 26/7/16
id were always about pushing the capabilities of your graphics card and the single player story back in the day, i mean look at the modelling it's awesome and shiny

but the multi gameplay just seem like a tack on, especially compared to the likes of Overwatch
Posted 01:31am 27/7/16
There's going to be different modes, this is just one of them. Classic deathmatch with FFA, Clan Arena, Team Deathmatch etc are still going to be in the game with standard types of setups.

I'm going to Quakecon so I'm hoping to play it there :)
Posted 10:10am 27/7/16
3 Aussies at Quakecon this year, get hyped!
Posted 12:45pm 27/7/16
Pyth, have you got a source for the classic mode? I've seen it mentioned but nothing actually confirmed.

Also GL at QuakeCon!
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