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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:22pm 18/07/16 | 3 Comments
Chewbacca! Trench run! At Star Wars Celebration Europe, EA and DICE unveiled the first footage from the Death Star expansion coming to Star Wars Battlefront in September. The new expansion will see the game leave the confines of a planet's atmosphere for the first time, with the debut of the 'that's no moon' Death Star battle-station. The expansion will include maps that take place inside and outside of the giant grey behemoth, including the ability to fly through trenches.

And as expected, it looks great.

Also coming with the expansion are two new heroes, including everyone's favourite laser crossbow wielder Chewbacca, and Bossk. Who's that lizard guy you see in the background in that one scene. Also announced at the show was that the fourth expansion for the game will be called 'Scarif', named after the planet featured prominently in the new movie due later this year, Star Wars: Rogue One.

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Posted 05:55pm 18/7/16
This looks awesome, obviously. Bossk whatever, but thankfully they did confirm Chewy.
The death star will be a backdrop for some truly awesome maps I think.

Now if only those inside and outside maps is alluding to a Titan mode like in BF2142 or the old SWBF2.
Space battles outside to start off with, knock out the shields of the Star Destroyer, than move inside and take over the control rooms. That would be epic.
Posted 08:14pm 18/7/16
So upset that EA screwed this game up. It had so much potential! Now no one plays this game.
Posted 09:48am 19/7/16
Played this game and was bloody awful ... dont bother

ITS ALL EYE CANDY and no gameplay :S
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