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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:53pm 15/07/16 | 3 Comments
Friends of our site will know of Satellite Reign, the successful Kickstarted spiritual successor to Syndicate, developed by Brisbane-based 5 Lives Studios (which contains members of our very own forums). Today 5 Lives has announced a new update for their super-impressive strategy title, which will allow up to four players to play through the game cooperatively either online, or via LAN.

Almost a year ago, we launched Satellite Reign on PC, but we didn’t just rest on our laurels. During the Kickstarter which made Satellite Reign possible, we had a hefty stretch-goal to include co-op multiplayer. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach that goal, but Satellite Reign was just begging to be played with your friends.

So, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just released co-op multiplayer as a free update for the game! Satellite Reign can now be played—through the entire campaign— by up to four players at once either via LAN or online.

We’d love for you to have another look at Satellite Reign and try out its co-op mode. We truly feel Satellite Reign is best enjoyed with friends!
So if you're done with Pokemon GO, or are in need of some strategy gaming with friends without needing to walk (which is overrated, by the way), why not jump back into this brilliant Aussie-made piece of awesome.

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Posted 09:15am 16/7/16
Multiplayer Syndicate was always the dream :)
Posted 12:01am 17/7/16
Posted 10:54pm 17/7/16
Cheers for the plug, guys! I'll use this opportunity to also add that Satellite Reign is currently 50% off on Steam, GOG and Humble! :D
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