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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:29pm 13/07/16 | 3 Comments
The first of three planned DLC expansions for The Division, called 'Underground', is out now for PC and Xbox One (due to an exclusivity deal it'll be out on PS4 next month). And it's actually really good. So much so that it feels like an essential part of the end-game experience. Which, thanks to the last few updates to the game, has gone from an experience that was somewhat lacking to one that now offers up a bunch of things to do. And rewards players for their effort.

The fact that is only took a few months to get to this point is quite remarkable, and in many ways the transformation from version 1.1 to 1.3 is one that took on board a number of the game’s faults, and rectified them. Perhaps the most notable improvement is that players now get rewarded for their actions, no matter what activity they take part in. And when you take into account that the game now offers up something more substantial than simply replaying the same story missions over and over, The Division has finally reached a point where the action-RPG mechanics start to make a lot more sense. And you can see all of these things in the Underground, the first of three planned premium DLC expansions for the game. With the Underground players are transported to a new section of Manhattan, one where they use the subway system to take on Operations. Represented in game as randomly generated missions, with objectives, in order to obtain intel from named high level enemies.

Click here to read Back On-Track - With The Division's New 'Underground' DLC

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Posted 06:03pm 13/7/16
It just felt like more pointless grind in the same dungeons over and over to me. The intro mission in the sweet underground rave party was cool after that its just repetitive grind without even the bonus of changing scenery. Was sick of it within one night of playing it.
Posted 07:10pm 13/7/16
Yeah the core gameplay isn't altered, but there's variety in the tile-sets and layout. Maybe you got unlucky and saw the same ones. I came back to the game after not playing for a few months so was pretty happy with the changes in addition to the Underground.
Posted 09:22pm 13/7/16
Yeah, the layout changes, but each one I did was just a variation on tunnels/sewers + underground subway platforms. Even with layout changes thats not enough to keep my interest, I mean one of the things I loved most about it is how good the game looks outside in the city and now they've gone and made a whole expansion where you never even get to appreciate that :(

I dunno, I guess I just expected a bit more. And yeah the core of any game like this is grinding out upgrades, but the grind seems so blatant in this expansion, I mean you literally grind xp to get ranks, that lets you unlock perks to give you more xp and more ranks. You grind, to make yourself more effective at grinding. Even if thats at the core of most MMOs, they usually do a better job of at least dressing it up a bit. The grind in this though is like that drunk uncle who goes out in public who no pants on and unashamedly slurs "WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN AT" at everyone.
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