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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:56pm 11/07/16 | 28 Comments
Okay so if you happen to be part of this thing called social media, where people post their opinion about what mindless blockbuster movie remake may or may not desecrate the memory of the original mindless blockbuster movie remake from 20 years ago, you may have noticed a slight uptick in the Pokemon department over the past few days. And it's all thanks to the release of Pokemon GO, and mobile game that seems to have almost overnight brought the long running series back into the zeitgeist.

What's a Pokemon GO? Well, a simple game slash augmented reality thing where you use your phone to catch Pokemon in the real world, train them up, do battle, take over the world, make friends, foster rivalries, and bust out your Pikachu impersonation that's been sitting dormant for at least a decade or so. Released last week, it has sky-rocketed up the iOS and Google Play charts to become the number one smartphone app in the world. It's popularity is not to be taken lightly, with a large number of getting together for large-scale walk-a-thons to catch Pokemon.

It's popularity is such that authorities have begun to take note, and has even led to a case in America where someone stumbled onto a dead body hunting Pokemon. But for most users it has led to a situation where exercise and social interaction with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds is now a part of their daily activities. And probably, walking into doors whilst looking at their phone.

If you're walking around catching Pokemon let us know your thoughts, and if you're looking for a place to start here's a great primer from the fine folks at Stevivor.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:21pm 11/7/16
Its currently (nearly?) used more than twitter on Android apparently o.O

Also, obligatory ppikkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacchuuuuuuuu
Posted 03:57pm 11/7/16
Lovin it... i usually walk the dog every arvo with the kids and this just makes it more fun and interactive... the kids love it, we walk for longer and we see more stuff... we go to different places to see what different s*** we can catch... Any game that gets people more active and encourages it is a win in my book...
Posted 04:05pm 11/7/16
According to Sgt Bill Stringer, a total of 11 people in Missouri were lured to secluded areas where they were robbed at gunpoint.
“Using the geolocation feature, the robbers were able to anticipate the location and level of seclusion of unwitting victims,” he told The Guardian.

Mr Stringer suggested the criminals had deployed a beacon at a Pokéstop to target the unsuspecting victims.
“As far as we can tell you can put a Pokébeacon or something on [the app] and it attracts Pokémans [sic] and alerts other players to your location,” he told Motherboard.

Dem pokeymans!
Posted 04:45pm 11/7/16
Wow, you'd think that something like that would have taken criminals more than a few days to figure out. But then again, probably not. Heh.
Posted 10:44pm 11/7/16
I ran into a pokemon go bar crawl the other day, holy hell, there was like a thousand of them
Posted 11:11pm 11/7/16
I've just been walking around a park in the middle of an outer North suburb at 9pm at night, where there were about 50 people wandering around catching Pokemon. Absolutely insane.
The Nerfatar
Posted 12:42am 12/7/16
I wish my phone supported, I might actually get more exercise. :P
Posted 01:21am 12/7/16
pokemon are for plebs, my phone has mothef*****g DINOSAURS that walk around and growl n s***.
Posted 06:30am 12/7/16
yer riding home through southbank yesterday, there was like one million zombies all shuffling around staring at their phones.
Posted 06:50am 12/7/16
servers arent coping this morning.
Posted 09:44am 12/7/16
There's a PokeGo picnic being held on Saturday in Brisbane, so far 2k people are going. Absolutely insane.
Posted 09:54am 12/7/16
There's a PokeGo picnic being held on Saturday in Brisbane, so far 2k people are going. Absolutely insane.

So... 20.
Posted 10:39am 12/7/16
Just waiting for companies like Woolies or Mcdonalds to start paying Nintendo to drop rare pokemon in their stores to get people to come in.
Posted 12:24pm 12/7/16
Drove past Forest Lake at 1am (as in, after midnight) and saw a few people hunting.
Posted 01:06pm 12/7/16
f*****g piece of s*** servers today
Posted 02:01pm 12/7/16
F*****g reckon, tried to catch pokemon on way to gym, couldnt connect to servers, rage ensued.
Posted 04:24pm 12/7/16
I just happened to get to the car park in that short window today when the servers were up. Got to the car park, hit 11 stops and gym on the way to work, then shortly after the servers died again. Unfortunately they were dead as Larry at lunchtime.
Posted 05:14pm 12/7/16
I just hit lv5. I'm a filthy casual scrub.

Before I went into the gym last night, I walked around the shopping center and then into the park for poke-stops. Even at 10-11 at night there are people around in my small town playing it and defending Gyms. It's pretty crazy if you think about it. Because of this game, I have walked maybe 3-4kms more than I normally would have. No other game has made me get off my fat arse and actually go outside. I might even go for a walk around my block tonight, probably only get Zubats though.
Posted 05:35pm 12/7/16
For some reason my camera view is just blank so no augmented reality for me :(
Posted 05:49pm 12/7/16
For some reason my camera view is just blank so no augmented reality for me :(

no gyroscope on your device

same as me.

gotta get a new tablet with a gyro
Posted 06:39pm 12/7/16

Spearo Feat. Monty my cat.
Posted 10:36pm 12/7/16

I walked from Lutwyche to Toombul earlier tonight and i passed at least 6 groups of 3 or 4 ppl walking along the bike track I asked the 3rd group are you playing Pokemon ?

4th group

5th group

i gave up then.

This is a Psy Op

Posted 05:51am 13/7/16

no gyroscope on your device

same as me.

gotta get a new tablet with a gyro

I have a Samsung galaxy 6 edge so it shouldn't be a problem
Posted 06:03am 13/7/16
ok, should work.

need to check if your gyro is working. grab sensor box from google store and try the gyro test.
Posted 11:56am 13/7/16
found pikachu last night at sandgate train satation
Posted 05:41pm 13/7/16
west end was going off at lunch time today.

lunch companions were getting the s**** while me and my bro were smashing pokemons to f*** at the pub.
Posted 07:44pm 13/7/16
This is a Psy Op

No it is a Psyduck

Posted 08:13pm 13/7/16
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