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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:28pm 08/07/16 | 2 Comments
And it looks fantastic. No wonder GTA V has been on pretty much all of the top seller lists for the last thousand years or so. Called 'Cunning Stunts' this new update to GTA Online brings gravity defying race tracks, jumps, boosts, and loops to the already very solid racing. And it drops next week on July 12.

And being GTA V, of course there's a cool trailer to announce the new content.

Stunt Races happen on a massive scale, towering above the Los Santos skyline or soaring between the treacherous blades of RON Alternates Windmill Farm. Vehicles tear upside-down through loops and tubes, launch off ramps with extra propulsion from speed strips, diverge and merge across multiple pathways, and speed through gigantic rings of fire in death-defying new Races.

Massive scale indeed, as what we see in the trailer below looks absolutely crazy.

Plus, just like Trackmania it reminds me of this classic DOS gem.

gta vgta onlinelos santosracingstunts

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Posted 04:43pm 08/7/16
Woo Stunts! Mind-blowing the first time I saw it - you could create your own racetracks! And it looked almost as good as TD3.
Posted 04:54pm 08/7/16
Yeah Stunts was pretty sweet.
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