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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:02pm 08/07/16 | 8 Comments
As per the announcement yesterday, Turtle Rock and 2K have officially launched what they're calling Evolve Stage 2 on PC today. This free-to-play version of the game comes with all content released so far, and with a number of improvements based on player feedback dating all the way back to when it first launched last year. Currently in Beta, the game is still open for anyone to jump in. And for those that bought the original game and DLC content, that stuff will carry over too.

Including exclusive items and skins and badges.

Evolve has been completely overhauled on PC with new game design, gameplay mechanics, and improved gameplay balance and system performance. All of the content in Evolve, including all the content released following its launch, is unlockable in Evolve Stage 2 completely free simply by playing the game.

For full details on what's changed, head to the official site.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:03pm 08/7/16
tried it out today.

disappointing. monster is boring, even for free i cant see this going well.

shame, its a pretty polished production, just a boring game.
Posted 03:10pm 08/7/16
Boring? It's pretty intense IMO.
I bought it on release but stopped playing due to the playerbase drop. Might fire it up again
Posted 09:20am 09/7/16
loving this again. only reason i stopped was player base. and if you saw the stats today... player base gone up 16k%
Posted 10:26am 09/7/16
16k %!?!?!?!?!?!
Posted 01:38pm 09/7/16
You read correctly
Posted 02:00pm 09/7/16
owned this from day 1 and put 100 hrs in, im glad it went F2P :) im still hopeless, and have never won! but i enjoy it :)
Posted 03:17pm 13/7/16
I've been playing this a lot the last few days. Definitely has potential. I would be happy to drop a few dollars on this for some character unlocks.

I think the 15 minute matches are fun for a knockabout but can't see how this ever would have worked as a full retail priced game. Needs more game modes and variety. Even the maps seem quite similar to play.
Posted 03:24pm 13/7/16
i like how the weps make the gameplay feel, so oversized and bombbasty up against the beasty
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