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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:23pm 06/07/16 | 11 Comments
You really don't need to know more than that. Well, okay, if you previously owned any version of the game: vanilla, Game of the Year Edition or Undead Nightmare, you'll have free access to it. If you're one of those who've never experienced it, you'll also be able to purchase it come Friday, too.

The game is available to purchase now ahead of its Friday release date and is only $12.50 AUD for the base game.

Here's a snippet from our review:
This is the ebb and flow of the game - it's organic because there are tools in place to constantly keep you preoccupied, but you're never tied to them. The decision to engage anything in Red Dead Redemption is yours and yours alone. But the tools in place are just so engaging and tantalising, you won't be able to resist, even if some of them repeat (there are a few game-world 'missions' you can do multiple times), and this is the beauty of what's at-hand.

I talked in great detail about the game-world ecology and Eco-system in my extended preview, and in the final build it's as solid as ever. Hunting Challenges and Survivalist Challenges can actually be challenging, not just distractions, and they also creep up as a partial mechanic to other missions, forcing you to double up on your collections, but generating even more engagement with the game-world around you. This is also important, because you're going to become intimate with every part of the vast land available to you (there are three main areas), so much so, that the brave even have the option of turning off the mini-map for true visual navigation and that perfect cinematic experience, and I find it hard to believe any true gunslinger of the West would ever get lost.

And it is cinematic. The scripting here is second-to-none, dwarfing anything the leads at Rockstar have ever written. Red Dead Redemption is brutal, gritty and wearing. The West was not a nice place or time to live in, but they've done a stellar job of making you feel like you need to make the most of it, and the characters you meet throughout your journey are all memorable and in place with the world around you. I found myself not wanting to finish the game's narrative for fear of finality, it's that engaging.
And yes we know this still doesn't fix the major problem of the game having never been on PC, and it's highly unlikely it ever will be at this stage, but this really is the next best thing. It might even be worth buying an Xbox One for, if you don't already have one.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:56pm 06/7/16
Surely this is the beginning of their proper lead up to a reveal of Red Dead 3?
Posted 06:38pm 06/7/16
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:19pm 06/7/16
Don't call me Shirley
Posted 05:49pm 07/7/16
Just give me a PC release, pleeeaasssee!
Posted 09:39am 09/7/16
Surely I'm not calling you surely.
Posted 09:48am 09/7/16
Im guessing the performance of the games hasn't changed on the BC Xbone? It's one of the only things that s**** me with the game, it doesn't run great.
Posted 09:53am 09/7/16
Waiting for Rockstar to get its thumb out of it's arse and put out a PC edition of RDR like...

Posted 11:28am 09/7/16
Maybe when the next red dead game comes out for PC, there will be a PC port of redemption included as a bonus, like CoD is doing
Posted 12:21pm 09/7/16
Posted 10:39pm 09/7/16
This game in particular for some reason has always given me satisfaction bathing in the salty tears of the so called "pc master race"
Posted 06:52pm 11/7/16
Might have to then... xboner
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