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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:07pm 04/07/16 | 7 Comments
With Overwatch out, and Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft all still going strong, it's good to know that Blizzard is in no way done with Diablo. Not we were worried, what with all the free updates that Diablo III has been getting over the years. In a new job posting at Blizzard, it looks like the company is looking for a new game director to lead development on a new Diablo project. Which, whatever it may end up being called, looks to be Diablo 4.

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a game director with outstanding communications skills, proven experience in creative direction, strong ability in system design, and a stellar track record of shipping AAA games to lead the Diablo series into the future.

And although the requirements state that they're looking for someone who's shipped "multiple AAA products as a game director or creative director", here's hoping that "cleared a Greater Rift 75 solo with five minutes to spare" is just as valuable.

As for the current Diablo leader at Blizzard, Josh Mosqueira has taken to Twitter to announce to fans that he is indeed leaving Blizzard. And in a related post over at Ploygon, confirmed the existence of this new Diablo game in the works. Josh, who was instrumental in bringing Diablo 3 to consoles, as well as leading the game away from its Auction House roots, will certainly be missed.

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Posted 03:15pm 04/7/16
Seems odd for them to do Diablo 4 this soon, given that D3 was their most recently-released sequel, so D4 would leapfrog SC3 and WC4..

I suspect that it will be a different genre in the same universe. A first person Diablo game would be the tits.
Posted 03:17pm 04/7/16
I love you guys but seriously the title of this post is so misleading.
Nowhere does it say this person is being hired for diablo4. It merely states 'diablo'. That could be an HD remake of 1 and 2, another expansion for D3 or yes, possibly Diablo4. 'Unannounced Diablo project would be more honest given the tiny bit of info that we have.
Posted 03:24pm 04/7/16
I don't think it's that misleading, as Josh Mosqueira confirmed that it is a new Diablo game. Which, until it's given a name, may as well be referred to as Diablo 4. Also this would probably still be early in development.

But yeah, putting Diablo 4 in the headline was a little cheeky. Hehe.
Posted 03:59pm 04/7/16
i couldn't be more dis-interested in diablo

they need to wait longer
Posted 08:22pm 04/7/16
They need to bring back a focus on story and experience imo, D3 was so bland, whilst having very enjoyable game play.
Posted 09:36pm 04/7/16
FWIW, Blizzard also have a ton of other jobs up at the moment.

I very nearly applied for the lead dev position, but procrastinated too long and it's been taken down now. Still a tech lead position and a heap of senior dev positions though - plus heaps of other positions, and on specific games/teams.
Posted 01:08pm 08/7/16
They need to bring back a focus on story and experience imo

bad story and it was delivered so f*****g badly

the whole "bad guy telepathically tells you EVERY step they are about to make"

firstly, i hope whoever had that idea was sacked

secondly, how the f*** did anyone else at blizzard look at that for more than half a second and think it was a good idea?
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